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Art Journal Techniques: How to Make a Travel Journal, a Handmade Journal, plus Art Journaling Ideas

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Whether you want to create on the go, take a journey in visual journaling, or simply record memories and events, art journaling is a great way for artists to express creativity. Art journaling continues to be one of the hottest trends in mixed-media, and artists are exploring more techniques than ever before. To enrich your explorations of custom journals, our experts at Cloth Paper Scissors have gathered these five articles to offer you for free.

Learn how to make an art journal, a handmade journal, and be inspired by unique art journal ideas, all in this free downloadable eBook! If you have ever found yourself wondering where to begin or unable to get past the blank page, then Dawn Devries Sokol's three part series on "Pages in Stages" is the perfect place to start. Discover how to paint inspiring backgrounds, get a simple lesson in collage, then expand your travel journaling with tips on doodling and writing. Next, Jacqueline Newbold shares her methods for using maps as a base for travel journal pages. Finally, learn how to choose the "write" tool for the job with a terrific article on the top writing tools for a variety of tasks. Whatever form your craft takes, we know you'll have fun exploring these five articles. Download the entire collection of art journaling techniques to get started today!

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Discover a variety of art journal ideas, from tips to overcome the blank page to helpful prompts.

It's time for you to join in on one of the hottest trends in mixed media, art journaling. No matter the type of handmade journal you wish to create, the craft is a great way to express your creativity. That is why the experts at Cloth Paper Scissors created this exclusive eBook, entirely dedicated to bringing you unique mixed media ideas. From art journal prompts to get you out of a creative rut, to the proper art journal supplies to keep at hand, this eBook has something to help inspire every visual artist. Along with this FREE eBook on how to make an art journal, you'll also receive a free membership to our Cloth Paper Scissors community. Your membership provides you access to our free projects library, our mixed-media community blogs, and our daily email newsletter with all sorts of tips, tricks and more free projects!

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Create handmade journals that are unique as you, with the help of these three experts.

Learn how to make a travel journal using maps, ephemera and basic techniques.

Article 1: How to Make a Travel Journal

"Travel Journals, Using Maps as a Starting Point" by Jacqueline Newbold

While experimenting with ways to incorporate maps into her watercolor journals, Jacqueline discovered that maps created interesting and mysterious textured backgrounds. She also found that maps make a great foundation for mixed-media collage and collected ephemera. Using maps as her guide, she challenged herself to work creatively to create handmade journal pages, adding washes of color and drawings to represent the local charm. In this article she invites artists to take a journey in visual journaling, and learn how to incorporate maps into their own custom journals. Her mixed media techniques and adventurous ideas are sure to help all artists learn how to make a travel journal.

Work your handmade journal pages in stages with this helpful three part series.

Article 2,3, and 4: Art Journaling Tips

"Pages in Stages" Part 1,2, and 3 by Dawn deVries Sokol

In this three part series, Dawn deVries Sokol shares her secrets to overcoming the blank page. By working at her own pace in stages, she discovered a stress-free technique to crafting. She recommends starting out when you feel like it, using techniques that inspire you at the moment. In part 1, she shares a few simple steps for painting art journal pages, whether they are for a background, to cover up mistakes, or simply to add interest. In part 2, she demonstrates how to build upon your painted handmade journal pages with collage. Finally, in part 3, Dawn provides some drawing and doodling art journal prompts and ideas to help you express your thoughts on art journal pages. As this is the most mobile of the three stages, Dawn recommends prepping travel journal pages with paint and collage and leaving the pages to be doodled and written upon while traveling. Whether you are trying to overcome the blank page, or are looking for new places to begin with your handmade journals, you are sure to find the art journal prompts, ideas, and techniques in this series to be helpful.

Understand the best art journal tools for the job with this informative look at writing tools.

Article 5: Art Journal Supplies

"A look at . . . writing tools: choosing the 'write' tool for the job" from the editors of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine

Journalers, surface designers, doodlers, and collage artists are all destined to meet with a pen or two in their creative journey. Knowing which tool to use on which surface is a must. Our editors set some time aside to do some serious in-the-studio research…okay, maybe not so serious. In this article, they provide valuable insights on the best art journal tools to help you express yourself through writing, doodling, and drawing in your handmade journals.

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Learn how to make travel journals with the invaluable mixed media tips you'll find in this free eBook. With five unique art journal ideas to pick from, you will be armed and ready to explore the art of custom journals in entirely new ways. Download the entire collection of articles and art journaling techniques for free and be inspired to make handmade journals today.

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Create custom journals with the variety of art journaling techniques in this free eBook.

Learn how to make an art journal cover!

Packed full of exciting tips, you are sure to find new art journal ideas that will inspire your creativity. Whatever form your custom journals take, we know you will enjoy trying these wonderfully unique art journal techniques.

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