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4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage

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Not too long ago we waited to see how photos came out when the roll was finished and sent away to be developed. And, if you wanted to duplicate or manipulate images or other artwork for photo collage, you had to find a copy center and pay per page. Now, technology for altering photos is available in our own homes and studios, making photo collage and digital art more accessible and easier than ever for mixed media artists.

Whether you are just starting out creating digital artwork or have developed your own style of digital mixed media, this free eBook has something for you. From a basic tutorial on altering photos, to turning your works of digital art into a photo collage, our experts provide all the guidance you need to enhance your designs. Take your photo/collage art to new creative heights with the tools and digital art tutorials in this FREE eBook! Download your copy to get started today!

Learn digital art techniques with 4 free digital art tutorials!

Use digital art prints to create a digital photo collage. Start learning the many creative ways to incorporate digital art printing and photo collage into your fabric and mixed media designs . . . claim your FREE eBook today!

Cloth Paper Scissors Presents 4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage

Now is your chance to get this free eBook dedicated to four unique and fun digital art techniques. Digital art focuses on a range of techniques that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative process. Using digital media to design digital artwork can seem daunting, but with simple instructions it is a lot easier than you think. Learn how to get started with the help of four Cloth Paper Scissors experts and get their personal tips on the best ways to expand your digital photo art repertoire. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to download this FREE eBook today.

Why wait? Try one or try all four digital art techniques to start creating unique digital artwork with help from our experts!
Claim your FREE eBook today!

Digital art images are combined for stunning digital art prints.

Mention digital photo art to a group and at least one person will insist there is no way they can be successful. When using a computer to create, an intimidation factor comes into play that can make even the most creative minds hesitant. But artist Chrysti Hydeck insists that, ". . . digital art doesn't have to be that complicated. Often, the most difficult step is simply starting." The foundations and knowledge of altering photos and image manipulation can be used for just about any digital collage or mixed media photography project, with just about any medium. Four digital mixed media artists reveal their best kept secrets and digital art techniques to help you be successful creating digital photo art. From digital photo collage to digital art printing, this free eBook has everything you need to get started with digital media design. Develop your digital media design skills with the wide variety of digital art tutorials now available for you to download for free!

Get all four articles full of incredible digital photo collage and digital art techniques and enter the wonderful world of creating digital artwork!

Download your FREE eBook to get started today!

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Altering photos using actions is a good place to start for creating digital art prints.

Learn about altering photos by taking a real photo collage and turning it into a digital photo art.

Free Digital Collage Technique

"Fun with Digital Collage: Pixel Perfect" by Marie Otero

Creating 'pixel perfect' digital mixed media photography can be easier than you think! Marie Otero introduces an easy way to create a digital collage by taking a real photo collage, scanning it, and adding images and text. She provides simple techniques for altering photos and for adding interest to your scanned collage. Along the way you will find helpful definitions and tips to make the entire process quick and easy. Even if you have hesitated before to include digital art images in your mixed media, Marie’s simple yet inspiring instructions are the perfect place to start! What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook and go digital with your photo collage and mixed media photography!

Create digital photo art using digital mixed media photography.

Free Digital Art Technique

"Art-ography: Enhance Your Work with Digital Art" by Chrysti Hydeck

Start your foray into digital collage and mixed media photography with this easy to follow, detailed article. Create your own 'dream world' by following this process step by step, or by choosing select steps and effects to fit your digital art design needs. Chrysti also offers simple ways for all artists to add digital media design into everyday life. Each technique helps create a solid foundation for digital photo art, and is a jumping off point for you to begin playing and experimenting with the endless opportunity of digital art techniques.

Create digital art prints using these simple digital media design tips.

Free Digital Art Prints Technique

"Branching Out with Digital Prints" by Kathyanne White

Years after discovering digital art printing techniques, artist Kathyanne loves to work with a multitude of surfaces including Lutradur, lace paper, vellum, watercolor paper, handmade paper, transfers, and substrates. In this article she focuses on photo collage techniques using Lutradur and lace paper, preparing you to successfully work with these fabrics from the very start. Learn the ins and outs of digital art printing on Lutradur, and how patience will help bring your desired result. Then take a step-by-step approach to working with lace paper, starting with a small sample until you get the hang of the process.  Kathyanne also includes her tips for setting up your printer by getting print and color settings correct. Venture into the world of digital art printing and learn how to create digital art prints using these two materials when you download your free eBook!

Use ready made fabrics to create digital mixed media for photo collage.

Free Digital Photo Collage Technique

"Printable Cotton Collage" by Jane Davies

Artist Jane Davies discovered printable cotton while exploring ways to add printed fabrics to her sewing projects. She has a very curious and lighthearted nature as a digital mixed media artist, which has allowed her to explore many approaches to digital photo art and mixed media photography. Initially the designs came out too light, but after a few variations she discovered how adding paint transformed the cotton into a parchment-like fabric, that created interest and contrast in the designs. Join her for this tutorial covering the entire process of printing on cotton, from the basics of resizing an image to adding embellishments and piecing multiple projects together. Her techniques for altering photos and image manipulation can be used not only for printing on cotton, but for your other favorite photo collage mediums as well. Learn her tricks of the trade for digital photo collage when you download your free eBook!

Enhance your skills and learn how to create digital artwork with tips from 4 expert mixed-media artists! Download your FREE eBook today to get started exploring the many opportunities of digital media design!

Marie Otero's simple and straightforward approach to creating a digital collage from a real collage is the perfect way to explore the variations of digital art techniques. Or, follow artist Jane Davies' approach to digital mixed media by working on multiple pieces at once. She suggests this method because, "[s]ome collages come together almost effortlessly, while others resist resolution and need to be put aside for a while. Working on several pieces at a time gives you breathing room and perspective so that you don’t get too attached to any one piece." Next, artist Chrysti Hydeck will help you create digitally with easy to understand instructions for altering photos using graphics editing software and actions. Finally, visit whimsical forests with the digital art images and photo collages of Kathyanne White. She shares her joy for experimenting with surfaces, and how creating digital photo art for photo collages adds texture and enhances her artwork. Try one or try them all when you download your free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors: 4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage.

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Scan digital art images, then create a digital photo collage by adding embellishments.

Learn digital art techniques with 4 free digital art tutorials!

Don’t miss out on this creative opportunity to learn all four digital art techniques. Start learning how to incorporate digital art images and photo collage into your mixed media designs today!

Cloth Paper Scissors Presents 4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage!

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