Exploring Mixed Media Techniques: 5 Free Mixed Media Art Techniques and Projects

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Get started exploring and creating mixed-media art projects with these free art techniques! These valuable mixed-media tutorials and tips are from the expert creative contributing artists at Cloth Paper Scissors. Have you always wanted to learn mixed-media painting techniques or create textured backgrounds? How about combining paper, paint, and stitch? Learn easy painting and collage techniques to make incredible paper art designs with materials you already have at home. Join these contemporary mixed-media artists for a few innovative design techniques to help you create beautiful painted or textured backgrounds, art journals, and more paper craft ideas.

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Learn to use ink, fiber, paint, and more with these unique mixed media art techniques.

Whether you are a veteran or simply want to learn new collage backgrounds and art ideas, this free collection of mixed-media tutorials is one you'll turn to again and again. These amazing paper, paint, and collage techniques will inspire you to make creative art journals, stitched paper quilts, and more! Plus, along with this collection of mixed-media ideas, you'll discover pages and pages of expert instruction and helpful tips to help you be successful. And, with your free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you'll have the help and support of thousands of artists of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download your free craft ideas and get started today!

Join five expert artists for a look at what you can create when you mix media/art supplies and imagination!

If you've ever wondered "What is mixed-media?" or are ready to embark on a new craft adventure, this eBook is for you! Learn to create texture backgrounds, paper art and more!

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Textured backgrounds and mixed-media painting are just a few of the mixed media tutorials in this eBook.

Mixed Media Painting - Color Wheel Journal by Diana Trout

Free Craft Project #1

Color Wheel Journal by Diana Trout

Get your color wheel and come along to explore mixed-media painting techniques using watercolors (or acrylics) to create a paper journal quilt. This process should freshen up your color sense, help you practice color mixing, and give you insight into your color choices. The resulting mixed-media quilt will be an excellent source of color inspiration to hang in your studio, with the added bounty of some hand-painted papers. Learn all about using color and mixed-media painting techniques with the help of expert Diana Trout!

Stencil Art Techniques - Get Your Stencil On by Linda Blinn

Free Craft Project #2

Get Your Stencil On by Linda Blinn

Stenciling is currently undergoing a lively renaissance. You'll see stencils in home d├ęcor, packaging, jewelry, graphic design, clothing, accessories, and more. Graffiti artists are taking stenciling to the level of fine art, and we have the graffiti industry to thank for innovative pressurized paint products, custom spray caps, and trendy stencils. But you can also create your own stencils for mixed-media art, and one of the many advantages of cutting your own is being able to reproduce your favorite motifs and original designs in any size you want.

Mix Media Art Ideas - Running with Scissors By June Pfaff Daley

Free Craft Project #3

Running with Scissors By June Pfaff Daley

Of course, scissors are an essential art tool. But have you ever looked at them as a canvas for mixed-media art ideas? After a day spent rounding up her lost cutting tools, mixed-media artist June Pfaff Daley found herself appreciating the whimsical form of the scissors. She was suddenly overcome with mixed-media ideas and an urge to transform the plain mini-sculptures with color, pattern, and texture using fiber, paint, and mixed-media techniques.

Mixed Media Techniques - A Study in Texture and Color by Roxanne Evans Stout

Free Craft Project #4

A Study in Texture & Color by Roxanne Evans Stout

Artist Roxanne Evans Trout often draws and writes when she is a passenger in a car. On one trip, she drew and wrote about the mountains she saw, and the idea for a series of collaged paintings was born. Roxanne shares her art techniques for these mixed-media art projects, including sketching, stitching, painting, and collage.

Textured Backgrounds and Journals - Pocket Scrolls By Leilani Pierson

Free Craft Project #5

Pocket Scrolls By Leilani Pierson

Rolling her clothes up to fit more inside her suitcase gave Leilani Pierson an idea: what if she carried a rolled-up canvas journal with her? As she traveled, Leilani, wrote with colorful pens, stitched and collaged the pages, and colored with water-soluble crayons. After each mixed-media entry, she would roll up the journal and tuck it away in her bag. Here, she shows you how to make your own handmade scroll to collect art techniques, mementoes, and dreams.

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