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4 Free Printmaking Projects: Block Printing, Monoprinting, and Other Printmaking Techniques

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If you are one of those printmaking artists who loves working on new printmaking techniques, Cloth Paper Scissors has the perfect eBook just for you! Printmaking can be the focal piece of your art, or it can be a decorative background that helps liven-up a piece of art. In this eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors, you will find four printmaking techniques that will allow for limitless creative expression, sure to expand your skills as an artist. You’ll discover how to use block printing, stamping, and string to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You’ll also learn how to use brayers to help advance your monoprinting techniques and will love Linda Calverley’s printmaking technique for making your own rolling stamps out of recycled items from around your house. Download this free eBook, gather some printmaking supplies and begin creating pieces of printmaking art today!

4 Free Printmaking Projects including Block Printing and Monoprinting

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Now is your chance to get this free eBook dedicated to printmaking techniques. Start making monoprints that are completely unique, using brayers and other materials. Learn from the Cloth Paper Scissors experts and get their personal tips. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to download this free eBook today.

Learn these incredible mixed media techniques today and enter the world of contemporary printmaking artists!

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monoprint and printmaking

learn how to use printmaking supplies like brayers Free Mixed Media Technique #1

Structure and Color by Ruth Issett

Many people who work with textiles, papers, and scissors find it quite difficult to draw with a pencil in their hand. However, if you ask them to take a thread or piece of string and arrange it in the shape of an object, they often manage to produce a very passable “drawing” or design. Somehow a pencil or stick inhibits their fluency when creating a confident line to represent an image. In this block printing technique you will learn how to make a string block, which can be very satisfying. Simply follow Ruth’s step-by-step instructions and personal tips, so you can be completely “wowed” by your end result. It’s time for you to learn how to use block printing, strings, and brayers to make a masterpiece!
explore monoprinting techniques Free Mixed Media Technique #2

Floral Frenzy: Combining Colors and Monoprint Techniques by Ruth Issett

Summertime offers so much inspiration for color. Gardens are full of amazing combinations of lush foliage and blooming flowers. Somehow these riotous combinations should be recorded and stored for the dark and dreary days of winter. How can printmaking artists use printmaking to record these color combinations and develop ideas for design, drawing, and collage projects year-round? Ruth answered this question with her inspiring mixed media techniques in “Floral Frenzy.” Understanding this monoprint technique is easy with Ruth�s directions and detailed materials list. Make sure to read her expert tips for even more monoprinting ideas!

printmaking on tissue paper with block print techniques Free Mixed Media Technique #3

Variations on a Theme: Printing Tissue Paper by Virginia A. Spiegel

It is ubiquitous, inexpensive, and you have been using it for art projects from the time you made “stained glass” in kindergarten. Yes, tissue paper is one art material we can all afford and find almost everywhere we stop. There are many easy ways to transform this humble material into art paper that can add layers of depth and translucency to your artwork. In this printmaking technique you will learn how to use block printing to make stamps for printing on tissue paper. You will also learn about random mark making, screenprinting, and the benefits of writing on your artwork.
create stamps using various printmaking supplies Free Mixed Media Technique #4

Roll Out the Backgrounds by Linda Calverley

Be prepared to get your fingers dirty with Linda’s creative spin on rolling stamps. Using recycled items like bits and pieces from a junk drawer are the main source of printmaking supplies for this printmaking technique. A recycled item that Linda recommends is fun foam. It is very easy to cut and manipulate into a design worth using for printmaking. You will find a variety of directions for all sorts of recycled items that you can make into rolling stamps: fun foam, textile patterns, wine bottle corks and spongy tube pipe insulation.

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Don’t miss out on this creative opportunity. Download your free eBook today and learn four exciting techniques. Develop new monoprinting techniques that are sure to impress. Use brayers to make monoprints that are unique. Discover block printing ideas that will help improve your printmaking skills. Learn how to use recycled items as printmaking supplies to make a masterpiece unlike any other. Now is the time for you to learn how to express yourself through a new medium; download this free eBook today!

block print, monoprint, and more printmaking techniques

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If you love mark making and surface design as much as we do, you'll love our free eBook of mixed media techniques. Follow Ruth as she walks you through the process of using printmaking supplies, like string, to create a block print-tool to work with. Learn to use brayers as a no-waste printmaking tool.

Then create your own hand-cut stamps and use tissue paper for a session that will have you singing in your studio. Finally, join Linda for a rolling stamp workshop and discover how to find printmaking supplies in some unusual places. Try them all today, and show off your skills with the four projects in this free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors.

Block Printing, Monoprinting, and Other Printmaking Techniques Start learning these printmaking
techniques today!

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