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Never too many beads!

In my first entry I said I consider so many things art supplies.But I especially love using beads..So I wanted to illustrate beads for my second Art Supply Doodle entry.I think the glass beads are the best ,I like the way are reflective and transparent.

Art Supply Doodle Challenge

Anything and Everything are my art supply tools.A mixture of a little bit of everything -If you restrict yourself to stardard tools you restrict the creative juices.Lots of experimenting .That is what is in my art supply tools.

Victorian Train Tag pt2

uploading is a learning experience for me .Hopefully this is a closer view.Made up of beading,embroidery,drawing cut-outs I wanted it to have an old timey feeling to it.

Victorian Train Tag

This Challenge was really a challenge! Had never made a luggage tag before .Victorian Train Tag is made of beading and embroidery,drawing cut-outs, buttons and fabric.Wanted it to look and sound "old timey" like something from back in victorian days.

Floral Explosion

The mediums used for this piece include marker,watercolor,color pencil,acrylic,scratchboard,hand embroidery,machine embroidery, etc a little bit of everything.I took my artworks ,snipped them into little pieces and combined them into this mixture.I had alot of fun with this one because nature is one of my favorite subjects to work with and especially flowers.

Compressed Gallery

 Compressed Gallery is composed from many,many pieces of my unfinished artworks.The background was a painting I had started and almost decided to throw out,but when I saw this competition I knew I could use it as a background for a collage.Some of the detail consists of watercolorings that have been double hole punched to make…


Created on canvas this piece consists of left over wiring from retail lighting being thrown out.I would take it home and twist into abstract shapes and save aside.Originally I had wanted to make jewelry from the piece ,but then decided they stood out more with a background behind them.So I started gluing them onto a canvas and  even…