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Coptic Stitch Book Cover

This is still a work in progress, but it is the cover of a book that will be bound using the coptic stitch method.  I covered a cigar box lid with Stamping Up Paper, used black paper to add extra oomph and used the inside portion of a microscope slide glass cover, used some collage…

Domino & metal

I used some metal working techniques & molds to create the flower, added some color using alcohol inks and covering a domino with it.

Chipboard Charm

Using 1×1 and 2×2 size chipbaord shapes, I painted an inexpensive Ikea Mirror black and covered the chipboard pieces with Graphics 45 paper and determined my layout and glued them to the mirror.  It really has more impact than the picture displays.  It was hard to photograph.

Stampbord Angel

I was sent the main body part, Stampbord, by the mfg. and asked to make something with it.  They were going to display them at their booth at CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc) Trade Show.  I added color to the Stampbord, sectioned it off and used rubber stamps, made wings from balsa, used wood block…