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Primitive Witch Cat

This cute little witch kitty was sewn, stuffed, hand painted, and sanded to get that primitive look.  He was embellished with a straw hat with a yellow half moon, hollow wood and wire arms and legs, metal buttons, a raffia necklace with primitive metal heart and wood bead,  and he holds a small straw broom.

Primitive Devil

This fierce little fellow was sewn, hand painted, and sanded to get that primitive look. He was embellished with a bat bow tie, felt, buttons, hollow wood and wire for his arms and legs, and black feather wings. 

Primitive Stuffed Ghost

This cute little ghost was sewn and stuffed then hand painted.  His arms and legs are straw wrapped in gauze and he has a gauze hoop on the back of his head for hanging.

Rustic Home Mixed Media Wood & Found Objects Art

Rustic home was created with pieces of wood I found while exploring in the country. I applied them to a wooden bookcase shelf, painted them, embellished them with found objects, and decorative paper covored gears, and sealed it all.