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Bowl 1 Series 2

Celluclay bowl, copper acrylic paint, bamboo stick, wooden beads around the edge of the larger bowl, copper leafing.

Untitled March 2012

Mixed media 8×10 board canvas using scrapbook papers, tranparencies, buttons, pieces of wood laminate from the doors of an old buffet, inks, copper wire.

Paris n Rust

8×8 board canvas, old pages from French book, scrapbook papers, rusted found objects, copper wire, inks, cinnamon "rust", copper tape and scrabble tiles

Grand Opening photo 1

This has been an exciting project – my first bundle is now open and the papers are drying.  More info on my blog:


Time is one of my very favorite pieces I've done.  I loved the colors and the "oldness" and the rusty feel it ended up having.  I have made this piece in an 8×10 acrylic frame (pulled out the box piece inside that holds the photo for future use).  It is on canvas boards – the…

Three Faces

This was one of my first adventures in layering.  Three faces is on a 8×10 recycled stretch canvas.  I have used layers of decorative tissue paper and gel medium and misc papers for the background, the faces mounted on the piece are made of polymer clay and have been draped with a piece of white…