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The Bike Ride

Mixed Media Collage on canvas, photographs, paper, acrylic paint, bike chain, tire rubber tubing, matte medium, vellum, metal chain, cut up socks, cut up t-shirt, Ranger metal work, air valve for bike tire.  This was a commissioned piece that I made for a friend, whose son biked from the state of WA to Washington DC.

Brian's Fam

Mixed media collage on canvas; paper, acrylic paint, matte medium; vellum, metal key, embroidered butterfly, gold chips, photographs of my husband's mother, uncle and grandparents.

Relatives from Germany

Mixed media collage made with photographs of my great great grandparents who emmigrated to the US from Germany; also seen are their some of their children.  Acrylic paint, paper, photographs, matte medium, all on canvas. Quote from Milne, and Ranger metal key.

House Warming

Mixed Media Collage; acrylic paint, photographs, paper, stencils, metal work; this piece was commissioned as a gift for a couple who bought a new home.

Class Reunion

Mixed Media Art on canvas and framed.  Paint, paper, acrylic paint, stenciling, photography, Ranger metal art, matte medium, burned Lutrador, vellum, quote by AA Milne.

Love Frees US

Mixed media on canvas, acrylics, digital photo, tar gel to make the transfer, ink, stamps, lace, tissue paper, Ranger metal emphemera, words.


Mixed media collage on canvas; acrylic paint, faux encaustic, stamps, ink, papers. 

Maria de los Angeles

Mixed media on canvas, acrylic paints, tar gel transfer, stamps, ink, tea dyed lace, Ranger clock, token and Key, light modeling paste and gold transfer, hand dyed scrim. This piece of art will be give to my friend Maria, who was a foreign exchange student at Germantown High School in WI, when we were seniors…


Mixed media; acrylic pain, paper, lace, beads, tar gel for the transfer, digital photo of my huband's Grandmother when she came to the United States  from Budapest (notice the stamp in the lower right hand corner), stamps, ink, Ranger key,