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"It’s Never Too Late"

I decided to take my work 3D….It is made with illustration board, paper, acrylic paint, aluminum wire, wooden beads, and Fimo Light. The words say "It's never too late to be who you might've been". I chose a black and white photo and dropped it into a little landscape of color and whimsy with dots…

Ann’s Studio

This is a photo of my studio when I first moved in to my new house…my first official studio! YAY! It's a little messier now.  🙂

Just Another Day in Paradise

This little beach house is made from card stock, fabric, acrylic paint, paper, polymer clay, craft sticks, and found objects. I love color and different textures. The tree trunk is painted polymer clay and the fronds are stiffened fabric. The fishing pole is a piece of wire with paper fish. 🙂