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Wind Mills on the Mesa

This piece is made with a craft felt back.  Wool from one of my grandfather's sheep is needle felted onto the backing to make the sky and the mesa.  There is machine stitching over this layer.  The wind mills and the yucca are hand embroidered on.  The fence is made of wood and wire.  It…

Mixed Media Jewelry

This piece is made from a rusty piece of metal found in my granddaddy's souvenier yard,  a couple of broken earrings, part of a pendant, a clasp reclaimed from another piece of jewelry, wire, chain, and varnish.

Orange Melody

I designed my alphabet while doodling in my sketchbook in a waiting room. I then made my alphabet using orange paint samples.  Each  letter is made with an orange paint color beginning with that letter.  I could not find any orange colors beginning with x or y.  Each letter was then stamped with the swirl design…

Call Her Blessed

This piece is made with transparancy sheets, glaze pen, acrylic paint, and photocopies of my children.  I am blessed!

Bold Hearts

This piece is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2'.  It is made with paper, gel medium, dye, and mettalic rub-ons.