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Crazy cat lady who makes art out of recycled stuff, okay?

Viking Map of 'Gronneland'

Ink on suede with board backing, a map similar to those perhaps carried by Leif Eriksson and other Scandinavian explorers.

Mixed Media Clothing Challenge

Detail work on the Levi Strauss work pants ~ While researching, I learned that the small left front pocket was not added until later. It was not  a 'Watch Pocket' –   or a 'Change Pocket' – the average miner did not own a watch or have any spare change. It was used for matches,…

1850s Gold Miner Attire

I created a pair of original Levi Strauss work pants, complete with suspenders, cinch back, and copper rivets at stress points. There were no belt loops; if the suspenders and cinch-back didn't assure a good fit, miners wore a length of rope around their waists!  The distinctive stitching on the back pocket was called a…