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Street Fashion #11

My entry for the sweet silhouette challenge. This is #11 in my Street Fashion series. The rest of the series can be seen on my blog:

Recycled Journal

 A 6" x 6" spiral bound journal with chipboard covers and 16 watercolor paper pages. The pages feature scraps from my bundles and are sewn to the pages. To read more about this project visit:

fused plastic mini journals

journals are made from fabric or dyed paper towel sewn to fused plastic bags. (fused plastic made following alisa burke's directions in the jan/feb 2009 issue of cloth paper scissors). blogged here:

Pink Flowers Stitched Collage

A mixed-media stitched collage (10" x 12").  The collage features one of my photographs layered on top of tulle and batik fabric and embellished with a piece of dyed cheesecloth and polka dotted ribbon. The whole thing is machined stitched to a painted sheet of paper that was cut from a shopping bag. The handle of the…

Quilt Book

A 4" x 6" book with a quilted cover. The pages are made from page protectors (12" x 12", scrapbook ones), they are cut down to fit in the book. Folded strips of paper or fabric were sewn over the open edges to make clear pocket pages. This idea is from Mary Ann Moss from her Remains…

Blue & Yellow Mini Art Quilt

A mini art quilt made with scraps from my scrap box, including: painted/dyed paper towels, cheesecloth, fabric scraps, scrapbook papers, mesh produce bags, etc. This mini quilt is around 3" x 4".  

Painted Canvas Mini Journal

A small mixed-media journal. The cover is made from a piece of Sticky Back Canvas that I painted. I stuck the canvas to a piece of fabric and stitched the two together. The cover features a wrap made from leftover pink fabric, Sticky  Back Canvas and cheesecloth. Two buttons were sewn on with a ribbon that…

Mini Remains of the Day Journal

This art journal is a miniature version of the one that Mary Ann Moss teaches in her Remains of the Day class. I used a variety of papers and fabrics to piece the cover together. The cover was then sewn to the pink fabric with a piece of batting in between. The cover was then quilted.…

8 x 10 Hard Cover Painted Journal

A painted art journal made from paper glued over canvas boards. The spine is 3 pieces glued together in a sandwich (a piece of the cover paper and a piece of the end paper with a piece of tyvek envelope sandwiched in between). The spine is glued to the cover boards and then the signatures…