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I am an artist, librarian and teacher, in addition to being a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I mainly use mixed media collage to express myself. I love incorporating new and recycled materials into my art!

Small Weaving

Wax paper, embroidery floss, wood & glass beads, nylon thread, silk I used a wooden frame to wind the warp–with the nylon thread.  I created woven strips on the warp with plain weave.  To join the strips, after weaving was completed, I used embroidery floss and green wood beads.  To finish I wrapped 4 warp…

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Beads, plastic, acrylic paint, wood frame I enjoyed creating a small collage within the purchased frame, then glued fuzzy beads to the frame itself. Have fun!  

Prayer Flag

Felt, plastic, cotton embroidery thread, cotton fabric I sewed this prayer flag for a friend who LOVES flamingoes. Have fun and enjoy creating quirky combinations.  

Peacock Delight

Collage on canvas paper, using buttons, beads, sequins, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper,along with  hand and machine stitching. Beginning with  a sheet of canvas paper, I collage elements onto the base using glue and machine stitching.  

Look and See

Recycled book pages along with tissue, snaps, jewels and a crocheted flower.  Enhanced the paper collage on recycled mat board with gold leaf marker. Having fun with collage!  As a librarian, I enjoy incorporating pieces from old books and magazines into my collages. First, I glued down pages and tissue paper pieces with gloss medium.…

Sugar skulls apron (detail) |

Mixed Media Apron

Alexander Henry Fabrics, sugar skull print, 1/2 yard (I have permission from Alexander Henry Fabrics to use their fabric in the apron), a white fabric apron from Hobby Lobby, sewing machine and sewing thread, ceramic skull beads from Michaels), thrift store skirt with embroidery, lime green fabric paint (one bottle), two plastic skull beads from…

Doodle Jewelry Challenge

I am having FUN with the current doodle jewelry challenge from Cloth Paper Scissors!    I created a crocheted edging on my doodle pin–the thread adds a bit of color and contrast.

I Want to See Salvador!

This collage is based upon my long standing desire to visit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I chose the Florida map as a base for the mix of paper, beads, paint, glue and a tag of Salvador with two handmade glass beads.  I have always admired the Surrealists and find Dali particularly…