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i'm a mixed media artist, writer and instructor who loves the adventure of art making and meeting like minded individuals! I'm from Aberdeen, NC and the mother of two young men (no longer boys ) ages, 15 and 21

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How to Nail Bright Colors in Mixed-Media Art

I have taught and continue to teach a variety of mixed-media art workshops online and in person around the country over the last several years, so it’s no wonder I’ve heard just about every question there is around painting, selling art, and becoming a full time artist that there is.

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Art Competitions: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Many moons ago when I was a bank manager, I remember giving my sales team this simple advice: “Every no leads to a YES.” When we were going out prospecting leads, being turned down was not a great feeling, but the more we asked, the better our rate of success was. You had to go…

Painting Essentials for Beginners: My Favorite Art Supplies

Over the years I’ve been asked several times, if I were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring a few art supplies, what would I bring? Seriously, just a few items? Could I not bring a box of tools? Admittedly my love for painting supplies knows no limits, with my collection of paints…