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Keeping the Faith

 watercolor background,then some collaging. Added two side chipboards with jute and beads on one side and gold stretch ribbon on the other. I did stamping and lettering and then added embellishments.

Dream vacation

Swirl painted green background, then collaging. There are embellishments, rub ons, stamping and ink to finish the page.

Abstract of Mind

This was my favorite abstract because of the colors and vibes I get from it. The background is swiped acrylic paint over gesso.

Art inmy soul

The background started with melted crayon mask. Love the colors and patterns so I knew where I wanted to go with this piece. So I added my letter doodling and finished with rubon lettering. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Waiting for Spring

This started out as a collage, then I started messing with other mixed medias and it just brought spring to me with the colors and patterns in the collage. So I started adding layers with stencils and tinted gesso. 

Music is the Season

This piece started with just wanting a colorful background anno real direction. Oncegot to a certain point I was inspired by music. So I added lettering and embellishments.

Purely uninspired-Not the end of the World

I was practing using gesso as a background, then I used a doiley and spray alchol paint.The outcome was amazing to me and then I just got the inspiration to go in the direction as there was a lot of talk going on about the end of the world at this time.