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Victorian Necklace Keeper

An MDF Key hanger with horrible nails in it. It has been collaged or decoupaged with sheet music, then paper table napkins over the sheet music. They are so thin if you separate the layers you can still see the sheet music. Then some nice Victorian ladies. Nails hidden by wrapping in lace doilies and crochrt cotton and a…

Collage The Word is on Beachy Habitations

A collage made fro vintage European and UK maps, Bible dating from 1890 and  Victorian images. All images are original no photocopies have been used. The words Beachy and Habitation come from a 1913 dictionary. On a 16 x 20 inch canvas, which has been previously textured.

The Naked Tourist Visits Cowes Week

Cowes Week is a sailing event that takes place in a place called Cowes, on the Isle of Wight here in the UK. So we have my Naked Tourist Sailing on his boat made from vintage children's bricks. Mounted on a 6 x 6 x 1.5 inches wooden shadow box, covered with old maps.

1950's French Fashion Mixed Media Collage

image size 8 x 6 framed and mounted. Base paper 190gsm watercolor. Lay tissue paper on the watercolor paper, randomly, the colored stuff that bleeds, wet and press with another sheet of the same paper. That way you get two, sometimes more colored papers to work with. Using dressmakers tissue paper from an old pattern,…

Collage Image Transfer Trials

Really art is not all about the perfect finished item. You have to test stuff out first. So I thought you would like to see my tests of Glossy Photo Paper and Heavy Structure Gel. I used Winsor & Newton one but there are others out there. Print an image onto Glossy Photo Paper –…