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Multimedia abstract artist: I enjoy finding interesting elements of the environment, using some found objects and fusing them with different media, to create my abstract expressions.

Moonlight Forest

Batik with inks on paper and free machine stitching for the tree sillouette

Lady in Green

Quick sketch with batik wax, and colored tissues layered with inks.

Fall Tree at Sunset

his piece is created with batik wax method, on black tissue paper. I wrinkle the tissue and glue to drawing paper. Then reading the wrinkles I decided on the tree. I wax the areas for the trunk and limbs, then bleach out the background with mist and brushes. Once dry I add the color by…

Beach on my Mind

The background is batik on paper with with colored inks. My silhouette is cut out from a photo I took of my seashell collection then applied the words with my Word Photo App. THe hair is a selection of my favorite colors of yarns and dyed wool scraps plus gold net ribbon and sea shells…


Stitched on a hand dyed background of linen with added touch of pulled threads, I stitched with metallic thread, on a scrap of nuno felted silk and hand batik colored tissue paper .  The fibers of the various types and colors of wool were felted into a chiffon silk and then embellished with glass beads,…

The Colors of Women

The background is a method of layering colored tissue, bleaching, using a batik method of waxing and layering on color with inks. My felted addition is a nuno method on kaki green chiffon silk. I laid out merino wool under the silk then on top of the silk, strands of colored yarns, silk ribbon threads,…

Artichoke in Bloom

I created a pre-felt texture with the colors of the leaves at maturity, shades of green and purple in merino wool.  Then I cut out the leaves and stitched around each one so that I could cup them before stitching them onto the matching felted shape of the artichoke. The Blossom was felted with pink…