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I'm primarily an acrylic painter and mixed media artist, although I'll try anything art related. Over many decades I've done crochet, ceramic painting, macrame, woodworking, gourd masks, paracord and chain maille along with a variety of misc crafts with my granddaughters. Most recently I was given an airbrush. Time to learn a new skill!

The Garden

My mini assemblage.  Quite a challenge to keep an assemblage this small.  I started with an Altoids box(4") and the soldier, and let it develop from there.  Other materials used includes painted cloth, craft metal, tiny tiles and good old spackling paste.

Art Studio Pet

I've started a collection of little art studio pets.  If I'm stuck on a bigger project, I throw one of these little guys together and they hang out on my work table.  Fun, low maintenance pet.  I haven't named him yet. 

The Face of Technology

This was a fun assemblage I did for my dad on Father's Day.  I've taken apart computers, keyboards and other broken electronics and have a big box of parts.  While sifting through them I notice how many pieces looked like faces and the project took off from there.

Prisoner of Progress

My Granddaughter gave me the doll.  She knows I collect odd objects for art.  She said I could make a "creepy art project" with it.  I wanted to take advantage of the sad look the doll had and started with the cage like thing.  After that I added objects to represent some of the downsides…