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I am a mixed media artist, blogger and teach online. I also work using art and creativity in a therapeutic setting for general health, dementia, carers and more.

Fly – Art Journal Page Process

I love spending time in my art journal creating, and this page is about using the wings you have been given and soaring, we can hold ourselves back from so much.  I hope that it is a blessing

Nurturing – Memories of Home

A mixed media house, part of a series of houses (Memories of Home)  that I will be sharing on my blog: each week that are either from a childhood memory or one that I want to foster within my own home. Looking back our early days were spent being nurtured, by our parents (in…

Memories of Home

A mixed media piece, a reminder of the encouraging and nurturing things that I want to have in my home, a place to relax and be yourself. 

Studio in need of some TLC

          These are a few images of my studio before I tidyed up and showed it some love.  It is a very small space  and I was feeling quite overwhelmed and stuck and felt that enough was enough.  To be able to express your creativity you need to do in in an environment…

Storage – Awkward places

I have tried to make the most of some of all the space in my studio and found it these plastic (fluff) jars are great to store smaller supplies that you want to be able to see, and keep them out of the way.  This way I've managed to use what might have been an…

Shelving Ideas

I was given a couple of wooded slatted CD shelves and thought they would come in handy in my studio.  It was easy to put up and the shelving slotted in.  I used the shelving to store some of my supplies and worked around the size of the supply to how many shelves were going…