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I'm the online editor of Interweave Jewelry and Cloth Paper Scissors. I love making metal and metal clay jewelry, enameling, mixed media, and collecting and creating with found objects. I also enjoy knitting, paper crafts like card making and scrapbooking, cooking, traveling, beachcombing, and snow!

Looking for a great new mixed-media challenge? Try sewing on paper for a stitched diary!

Studio Saturday Stitched Diary: Sewing on Paper and Fabric

One reason I love doing these Studio Saturday posts is that it gives me an incentive to try projects we feature in Cloth Paper Scissors. As we work with our artist contributors, I can’t wait to check out their techniques. The Jumpstart feature in the Fall 2018 issue, “The Hand-Stitched Diary” by Lynn Krawczyk, features…

5 Astonishing Art Techniques from Rae Missigman

Rae Missigman is our Artist of the Month for September, and we’re so happy to spotlight this artist and her unique art techniques. Rae brings so much vibrancy and excitement to mixed-media art, and her work has inspired countless artists—and me! As we celebrate Rae this month, we rounded up some of her most eye-opening…

Art Lessons 2018: Story Scrolls with Libby Williamson

Art Lessons 2018: Story Scrolls with Libby Williamson

Using a variety of materials and techniques in a project can be a challenge, but when they meld together beautifully, you can’t help but be on top of the world. In the August Art Lesson from Cloth Paper Scissors, Libby Williamson brings together several techniques that work so well, you’ll come back to them again and…

mixed media art prompts by Rae Missigman

5 Art Prompts for Staying Inspired from Rae Missigman

As artists, we tend to stick to what we know. We gravitate to what feels natural, and we take comfort in the familiar. But what about the practice of trying new things? What about the exploration and the experimentation? What about the growing and stretching that gets us thinking creatively? It’s easy to become stagnant…