10 ideas to help you answer the call for art

Headshot The best think about having your art published in an art calendar is that everyone gets to appreciate your work for an entire month (or longer if you’re like me and forget to flip it over!) While you’re busy appreciating all the wonderful art in the Cloth Paper Scissors Make it Pretty 2011 Calendar, why not try creating your own entry for our 2012 Cloth Paper Scissors Calendar contest?

This year’s theme: On the Street Where You Live, lends itself to all sorts of great map- and house-inspired mixed-media art and collage. Still stymied for an idea? Let me help oil the gears and get the muse-machine a churnin’.

On the Street Where You Live Inspired Prompts:

  1. Use a copyright free map image as the base for your collage.
  2. Print up an online map of your house. Trace and cut out the shapes of the streets for an abstract collage.
  3. Use pages from an old address book to build up a house portrait.
  4. Sketch out the floor plan of your house and use it as a image transfer.
  5. Make a photo collage of the street you grew up on.On-the-Street-where-you-live
  6. Try making a mixed-media piece using only the numbers of the addresses that you lived at.
  7. Capture your street during your favorite season and turn this into a collage.
  8. Create an assemblage with items found on the street where you live.
  9. Make a Edward Hopper inspired version of you home with collage elements.
  10. Channel Joseph Cornell and create a house in a box.

I created this piece on the right entitled On the Street Where You Live after walking down my street looking at the bold, graphic shadows that appeared all lined up down my narrow city street. What do you love about the street where you live? Try using these thoughts and feelings to create a 12” x 12” masterpiece that you can enter in our contest.

For more details about the 2012 Challenge you can check out our website. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year.






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