10 Unique Art Journal Prompts for Summer

Headshot Have you been following along with us and Dawn Sokol’s ‘Art Journaling: Pages in stages’ column in Cloth Paper Scissors? We started the three part series in our May/June issue with painting. In our July/August issue we are covering collage, and coming up in the September/October issue we finish the series with journaling and doodles.

If you’re enjoying these three installments of Dawn’s process you will go ga-ga over Dawn’s new DVD by the same name. The ‘Art Journaling: Pages in stages’ DVD is the perfect accompaniment to the article series—you can see Dawn at work on her fun and colorful journals. Watch her process and help grow your art journal skills while learning her stress-free way of artistically attacking a blank journal.

Dawn-Sokol-2   DSC_0011
Finished Journals from the DVD   Art Journal “gear”

The DVD is now available for pre-order but we don’t want to leave you hanging. So, I’ve put together a list of 10 great summertime prompts for working in your art journals while you await the last installment of the series and/or the arrival of your very own copy of the new DVD.

10 Unique Art Journal Prompts for Summer

  1. Going on a trip? Journal the anticipation and your predictions. Do you think you’ll get sunburned, or get lost? Share it before the trip.
  2. Make a list of different times to art journal. Stay up late and do a midnight journal, get up and journal during sunrise, journal at High Tea, and journal at noon. See how your journaling style varies by the time of day and your level of alertness.
  3. Mood journal—group your paints and other coloring supplies into “cool” and “warm” colors and choose one or the other depending on your mood.
  4. Journal the same thing three ways: normal, with eyes closed, and then with your non-dominant hand.
  5. Go da Vinci on your journal, try writing backwards like Leo would have.
  6. Switch your base media. Normally use acrylics? Switch to watercolors. Normally use pencils? Try markers.
  7. Try journaling loose pages. Take a stack of papers and journal on them first and then bind them. How does this affect your process?
  8. Change out paper pages for fabric.
  9. For fun, journal as a fictitious character.
  10. Journal your summer bucket list—leave room for notes as you complete each item!

Have your own journal prompts you’d add to this list? Leave me a comment here and be entered to win some new journaling pens. (Comments must be left by July 6th at noon EST to be entered in the random drawing.)

Happy summer doodling!



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