20 Years in the (Print)Making: A Love of Mixed Media

Once Dorit Elisha discovered printmaking in school, she never looked back. “The part I enjoyed most was when the teacher gave us the freedom to print on ‘found papers,’” she says. “Found papers were anything I could find, not the specialized (and expensive!) fine art papers normally used by printmakers.

Printmaking artists
Artwork by Dorit Elisha

“At the time I happened to have some small, Japanese papers, and I decided to collage them onto larger textured papers. This collage then became my printing surface onto which I screened printed different Asian motifs and some vintage portraits of women. To add texture to the mix, I machine-stitched over the collaged print and added some lace and bits of fabric.

“I was hooked. And so began my love of mixed-media printmaking. I have been mixing papers, fibers, and printmaking techniques ever since.”

The following is a sneak peek inside Dorit’s Printmaking + Mixed Media eBook: Simple Techniques and Projects for Paper and Fabric. Enjoy!

Printmaking artists
Artwork by Dorit Elisha

Dimensional Assemblage

“As long as a surface is relatively flat and smooth, it’s a prime candidate for screen printing,” says Dorit. “Therefore, don’t be deterred from printing on dimensional items, such as the wooden boxes used in this project. This project showcases three different printing techniques on wood: The bird motif was printed using a drawing-fluid and screen-filler screen-printing technique; the background script was printed with a thermal-screen-printing process; and the leaves were printed with a gelatin monotype technique. When printing on wood, screen printing and sun printing will likely result in the sharpest prints. For sun prints, opt for wood that’s very smooth and light in color, and the resulting blueprint will have a nice contrast. If you wish to incorporate collagraph or monotype prints onto a wooden piece, it would be best to print the images onto paper or fabric and then attach them to the piece.”

Dorit explains her processes and more, step by step, in the Printmaking + Mixed Media eBook that’s included as part of this exclusive Mixed-Media Pattern Play Value Pack. In it, you’ll also find the January/February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, four instructional DVDs, and some amazing art supplies you’ll want to have on hand. You can’t get this collection anywhere else, and quantities are limited, so don’t delay!

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