4 Free Mixed-Media Stitch Projects for You

cate pratoI love to use fabric and stitch in my mixed-media art, but I don’t have the time (or desire) to create big quilts or complicated clothing.

Easy sewing projects that include elements like raw-edge appliqué, painted surface design, heat transfer images, some hand stitchery, found objectsand not a lot of rulesare more my style. And I think a lot of mixed-media artists agree.

So I’m pleased to present fabric art inspiration and instruction from some of my favorite artists in this free, downloadable eBook, 4 Freestyle Mixed-Media Stitch Projects: Make Textile Art with Appliqué, Heat Transfer, Fabric Collage, and More.

Mixed-media artist Debbi Crane combines her love of textile art such as quilting with her need for speed in two projects. In “True Confessions of a Rebellious Quilter,” Debbi creates appliqué blocks with torn edges and a single image she has converted to fabric using an inkjet or heat transfer. Then she uses hand and machine stitchery to attach the appliqué designs and add detail and found objects to each one.

mixed media fabric art grid
Detail of Debbi Crane’s mixed-media fabric art canvas grid.

In “Get a Grid!” Debbi once again turns the traditional quilt on its head, this time using 12 pre-stretched canvases as the blocks. Each square combines paper and fabric collage with surface design techniques like painting and faux appliqué, achieved with decorative papers and glue. Found objects, photos, and mini pieces of fiber art act as focal points.

Robin Olsen takes an even more freewheeling approach to fabric art in “Spontaneous Combustion: Using Prompts to Spark Design.” Inspired by the handmade arts and crafts of ethnic cultures that use raw-edge appliqué and a seemingly random approach to stitch in their fiber art, Robin gathers her fabric scraps, hand-stitching materials, and a list of simple prompts. Then spontaneous, and innovative, fabric collage ensues.

horse ornament with paint and stitch
Whimsical horse made of stitch,
paint, and embellishments.

Finally, Samantha Jenkins offers her tutorial on how to make whimsical “Stuffed Horse Ornaments” using paint, fabric, and stitch. Following her easy sewing instructions, construct and stuff the horse. Then paint with gesso and acrylics and hand stitch a mane, saddle, embellishments, and ribbon for hanging. Alternatively, you could use fabric paper to make these winning whinniers.

It’s so much fun to work on fiber art projects like these that you can adapt to fit your time and skills. With 4 Freestyle Mixed-Media Stitch Projects: Make Fabric Art with Appliqué, Heat Transfer, Fabric Collage, and More, you’ll learn to combine mixed-media and fiber arts techniques. Plus, they make beautiful gifts and home décor for anyone who appreciates handmade arts.

P.S. Do you have friends who like to mix it up with fabric and stitch? Forward this link to them so they can download their own free copy of Freestyle Mixed-Media Stitch Projects: Make Fabric Art with Appliqué, Heat Transfer, Fabric Collage, and More now!


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