5 Free Mixed-Media Projects to Make Before You Forget

art journalcate pratoI love new art project ideas. As I cruise art blogs and follow my friends' Facebook links and tweets, I get all excited about some pretty, shiny, clever, or easy (preferably all four) project at least three times a day.

As soon as I decide I like it, I bookmark the link or forward it to my home email so I can make the project later.

And then I promptly forget about it.

Then, sometimes weeks later, I'll be weeding out my email or browsing through my favorites folder and stumble across the project I was so eager to try. So I slap myself on the forehead and email myself another reminder.

That usually does the trick.

Assuming many of you experience the same syndrome, I thought I'd take some time today to bring five fun, fabulous, and free projects to your attention, all by the infinitely creative editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Jenn Mason. Jenn is always full of ideas, and I've yet to see one I didn't want to try.

image transfer1. In this easy image transfer tutorial, Jenn showed how simple it is to make a photo transfer with tools you probably have in your studio right now. This technique is a great way to lay down a background for further collage.

2. I admit it: using resin scares me. Could it be the Jurassic Park overtones? But I sure do love the look, and once Jenn showed how easy it is to use resin in a little video, I was ready to stock up and make some mixed-media jewelry

3. My daughters are both into steampunk style, so I have been eager to learn more about working with metal. In her easy altered mixed-media metal video tutorial, Jenn shows a quick way to personalize metal pieces for your art.

encaustic tag4.  Looking for ways to get your art journal pages started? In this how-to, Jenn demonstrated a creative way to get color on paper, the gateway to getting your art journal rolling. It involves playing with paint and plastic wrap!

5. I can't get enough of encaustic art, and Jenn's heated wax gift card how-to is the perfect  project for the beginning or the more advanced encaustic artist who wants to make several small pieces to give away.

So there you have it: five projects to get started on right now, before you forget them again!

And, to add a little more urgency, you should know that this week many of the supplies Jenn uses to make these projects are now 15% off in our online store, along with hundreds more.


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