5 Reasons Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine is For You

Having a magazine subscription is a commitment. We get that. But Cloth Paper Scissors is more than just a magazine. We’ve got the same passion for mixed media that you do, and that’s why we get so excited when we plan a new issue. What amazing projects can we bring you? Which incredible artists can we introduce you to? What new and inventive techniques would you want to try? We put so much thought into each issue, because we love what you love. And if you subscribe to the print or digital editions, all of that love will be yours every month—you’ll never miss an issue. We’ve put together a few reasons why subscribing makes sense for mixed-media artists, and the first one is all about you.

1. You will become a better artist: I believe the goals of every mixed-media artist are pretty much the same: to be the best artists we can be, and to have fun along the way. Seeing your artwork improve and develop a unique style is one of the best feelings around. When you create an art journal spread that you love, or finish a handmade book you can’t wait to use, you’re walking on air. Cloth Paper Scissors is that patient instructor who wants nothing more than for you to create fantastic artwork and help you boost your confidence in the process, so you can walk on air every day. We pack each issue with new techniques from top artists that are designed to bring something new and fresh and exciting to your repertoire: using cold wax, printing with juice boxes, making an abstract fabric collage. It takes guts to try new techniques, but you? You’ve got this. And we’re right there with you.

Lora Murphy’s project in the January/February 2018 issue incorporates techniques with cold wax, oil paint, pastel, fiber paste, and more—challenge yourself to try it! (Photo by Sharon White Photography.)

2. You’ll always be in the know: There is nothing quite like getting a fresh, new magazine, whether printed or digital. It’s like opening a gift, each and every time. A subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors is that gift that keeps on giving. You’ll have all the great projects and techniques right at your fingertips, and can build a library of inspiring mixed-media art, products, and ideas that will keep you creating and developing as an artist. Want to try something new? Cloth Paper Scissors encourages beginners, challenges seasoned artists, and inspires artists of every skill level. Make sure you don’t miss an issue.

Learn tons of techniques for painting, journaling, hand stitching, drawing, embellishing, recycling, and much more. Cloth Paper Scissors covers all the bases for mixed-media artists. (Photo by Sharon White Photography.)
Learn tons of techniques for painting, journaling, hand stitching, drawing, embellishing, recycling, and much more. Cloth Paper Scissors covers all the bases for mixed-media artists. (Photo by Sharon White Photography.)

3. You’ll stay abreast of trends: Art trends impact us, whether we follow them ardently or stay vaguely aware. Artists’ experimentations, new cutting-edge products, social media, and cultural shifts all affect the artwork we create to some degree —and that’s a good thing. It means our work evolves, stays interesting, doesn’t get stale, and keeps pushing us forward.

Lucky for you, we’re always on the lookout for what’s impacting the mixed-media world now, and we bring that to you in every issue. Our Road Test column not only features new art supplies, but also shows you ways to use them. When it comes to projects, we’re constantly looking for groundbreaking artwork in all areas of mixed media, and strive to bring it to you as quickly as possible. Staying in your comfort zone feels safe, but who wants to be safe all the time? Let’s try something new and go sit with the cool kids. Wait a minute—we are the cool kids.

Find out the best way to use your supplies in Road Test, where artists try out new materials and report their findings. (Artwork by Gwen LaFleur, photo by Sharon White Photography.)

4. You can be part of the community: Paper cutting, mixed-media portraits, stitched collage, miniature wreaths, tunnel books, mixed-media weaving, and mini garlands are just a few of the past Cloth Paper Scissors reader challenges we’ve featured. Why not be a part of them? In each issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, readers are invited to dig into their stashes, challenge themselves, and take a chance at having their art featured in a future issue. How cool is that? Not only will you broaden your artistic horizons and test your skills, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. What are you waiting for?

This cut-paper art by Patricia Marques of Southbury, Connecticut, was featured in our March/April 2018 issue, along with several other unique cut-paper creations. Take a leap of faith, and challenge yourself. (Photo by Sharon White Photography.)

5. Get inspiration delivered: If inspiration flowed like water, we’d all be hydrated to the max. Fact is, there are days when we couldn’t conjure up a creative idea if our lives depended on it. Solution: Open up any issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and start reading. Even if you don’t feel like tackling an entire project, you can try one or two techniques and see where that takes you. In the May/June 2018 issue, try Cait Sherwood’s hand-painted papers made with gouache from “Quilt-Inspired Art Journal Pages.” Just start with the painted papers. So. Much. Fun. In the January/February 2018 issue, go for some of Carla Sonheim’s drawing exercises in “Let Go and Draw.” Later, incorporate them in your mixed-media art. It’s all about what gets your heart racing, and how you channel that passion and energy into your artwork. We’re not about rules. We’re about remarkable.

Artist Laly Mille shows how to create these gorgeous abstract flowers step-by-step with basic supplies in the March/April 2018 issue. Yes, you can do it! (Photo by Sharon White Photography)
When you order a print or digital subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, you’ll have everything you love about mixed-media at your fingertips, ready to inspire and teach you whenever you want!


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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine is For You

  1. Too bad the subscription is for 6 issues but you get only 4 because they call the Fall and Winter issue a ‘double’ issue allthough the Fall issue has 10 pages less than regular issues

  2. I’m a long time subscriber and featured in the Reader’s Challenge this month (Fall 2018) and guess what? I didn’t receive my issue. Now CPS says they can’t replace my missing issue and can only extend my subscription an extra month. I wanted to see my art in the actual magazine. Huge bummer.


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