5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Art

The greatest tool artists have at their disposal is a camera. Cameras—especially on smart phones—allow you to share your art with the world, making it possible for someone to fawn over your latest art journal spread while sitting in a café in Malta. But could your artwork and your expertise have an even bigger reach? Yes, and it all comes down to great images.

share your art
The Film It Yourself Kit will get you started taking great photos and videos for your blog, website, online classes, and more.

In showing your artwork you’re also sharing your talent, your vision, your style, and your voice, and that’s a wonderful thing. In order to do that, your artwork needs to look its best. If artwork were a person, it wouldn’t wear pajama bottoms in public and try to pass them off as “fun pants.” It would look great at every opportunity. No one wants to look at poor quality photos or videos, even of great artwork. Since photos and videos are how we communicate our creativity with the world, the visuals need to look as fantastic as they possibly can. Today, there are tools that can help, like the Joby GorillaPod Video tripod with a Monoprice Clip Clamp Phone Mount. No more blurriness from shaky hands, no more badly framed shots—this gear is perfect for filming and shooting your artwork, video and photo tutorials, and process videos. These items are part of the Film It Yourself Kit, which also includes The Successful Artist’s Career Guide eBook By Margaret Peot. These items will help you share your art with the world, and here are the five reasons why that’s important:

1. You’ll grow your blog or website audience with better content. Millions of artists go online every day searching for information and inspiration. I’m guessing if you have a website or blog, you’re interested in having people take a look around and set a spell. Great photos and videos will lure them and keep them there. It’s a fantastic feeling to know you inspired someone with what you created, or gave them the knowledge and tools so they could soar on their own. That what propels this whole fantastic creative cycle. Let’s keep it going.

share your art
Make sure your artwork and tutorials look as good as possible by ensuring photos are framed well and in sharp focus. The GorillaPod tripod’s sturdy base helps make that happen.

2. You’ll expand your social media reach. Similar to the point made in #1, but it’s important to note how people view and have access to social media. When I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, great photos immediately capture my attention, and I love sharing unique finds with family and friends. Your beautifully photographed artwork and well-shot instructional videos will find lots of admirers, and your followers will grow. That will motivate you to share your art even more with the world.

share your art
Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are all about inspirational photos.

3. Your online portfolio will look top-notch. There are few things more frustrating than checking out an artist’s digital portfolio, only to find that the photos of their artwork are sub-par. The quality of your photos may make the difference between someone signing up for your online class or finding another instructor. Plus, you never know who may be lurking on your site, searching for the Next Great Artist.

4. You’ll have a leg up on contests and submissions. If you’ve ever entered a contest or applied to be on a design team, sending photos of your work is part of the process. Increase your chances of achieving your goals by sending first-rate photos and videos. Every advantage helps.

The Successful Artist’s Career Guide eBook By Margaret Peot has great advice for achieving the creative life you dream of.

5. You’ll expand your artistic horizons. I use a lot of my own photos in my artwork. Sometimes I even photograph my artwork and use it to create more artwork. That process is enhanced and expedited by good photography. Instead of holding my smartphone and taking a zillion pictures, hoping one is in sharp focus, I just use the clamp and tripod and I’m done, leaving me more time to create. The handy tilt/pan arm makes the camera so easy to move.

If you’re ready to accomplish your creative goals and share your art, this kit will help you get there. Why not start today?

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