6 Tips for Selling Your Art

You know that you can come to Cloth Paper Scissors for art inspiration and new mixed-media techniques, but a benefit to subscribing ensures that you won’t miss out on the extras, such as the business side of making art. For example, in this excerpt from a feature article by Cate Prato, you’re bound to learn something new, even if you’re a veteran at selling your mixed-media art.

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Breathe (5×5) Affirmation print by Kelly Rae Roberts, who says, “I think people, on a collective front, want positive messages of hope in this economy. So offering affordable artwork with messages of a hopeful spirit can be a great way to stay afloat. I’ve noticed my small, affordable affirmation prints are selling really well at the moment.”

Top Tips for Selling Your Art by Cate Prato

Tip 1: Promote yourself. Start a blog. Get on Facebook. Twitter away. If you already have a blog, blog more often. You want to remind people that you’re still there, still creating great art.

Tip 2: Sales are OK, but avoid lowering your prices overall. If you’re an established artist, you have most likely arrived at a fair price for your everyday work, and lowering the price would not only devalue it now, but also make it harder to bring prices back up when the economy improves. However, the occasional “discount day” or holiday sale can help stimulate purchases. (Be sure to publicize any special offers through e-media and other networks.) Consider offering payment plans to special customers or on big-ticket items.

Tip 3: Offer a variety of price points. To make your artwork more affordable to larger numbers of people, try making some items that can carry a lower price tag, such as prints of paintings, greeting cards, smaller artwork pieces, and gift items like jewelry.

Tip 4: Make your art useful. Customers who may not be able to justify spending money on a wall hanging might be persuaded to buy a funky clutch, fabric bowl, or book wrap.

Tip 5: Cut back on business expenses. If you’re attending a show or craft fair, can you stay with a friend instead of in a hotel, or share a room with another artist or two? Do you really need those fancy little business cards, or can you get creative with rubber stamps and cardstock? How about pairing up with another artist and sending e-newsletters together, splitting the cost?

Tip 6: Consider shipping costs. If possible, create art that is less expensive to ship. Avoid heavy pieces in awkward sizes. ~C.P.

Excellent tips! Do you have any advice to add to this list? Share it with each other in the comments below. And, find advice, demonstrations, and exercises in the Cloth Paper Scissors 2014 Annual CD.

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