A Convenient Way to Begin Making Mixed-Media Art

Have you ever wanted to cook up a dish for dinner, but didn’t have all of the ingredients? This seems to happen in my kitchen on a weekly basis (I live pretty far from any grocery stores, so planning ahead is essential). Sometimes I’ll find a recipe that sounds delicious and is easy enough to make, but it calls for an unusual spice or kitchen tool to make it. Like most of us with limited time, budgets, and space allotted for these things, using multi-purpose items is always my goal. I’ve often thought it would be helpful if I could just buy a meal kit that includes everything I need. And when I find ones I like, I buy them, making one more meal a simple accomplishment.

Collage for beginners
Dea Fischer, featured in the Getting Started:
Collage Basics Kit,” advises: “Experiment
and play until you find what you like, and
never be afraid to fail.”
everything that’s included in the Collage Basics
kit here.

Good news: We’ve done the work for you, gathering what you need to get started on your next art adventure. The Interweave store offers exclusive kits–and I mean that you cannot find these anywhere else–for artists. See a technique that you like, but don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt to find everything you need? Problem solved. Each kit, which is tailored for artists new to specific mixed-media techniques, includes supplies as well as art instruction. The hardest part is deciding which kit to begin with.

Acrylic painting for beginners
Send in the Clowns (mixed media on Yupo, 22×30) by Chris Cozen, who teaches you acrylic painting techniques within the Getting Started: Painter’s Basics Kit. In addition to Chris’s DVD, this kit includes Paint Mojo by Traci Vergudo, and five must-have art supplies.

As you’ll see here, these timesaving kits range of topics: jewelry making, collage, bookmaking, printmaking, painting, and more. What will you create with your favorite kit?

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