A Doodle Art Coloring Book for Adults? Give It To Me!

The secret’s out: Coloring isn’t just for kids! Doodle art is taking the world by storm, and right alongside is the fun act of coloring in the spaces. But coloring goes beyond enhancing your own doodle designs. We’re happy to announce the Zen Doodle Coloring Book, which is filled with designed pages, just waiting for you to pick up your favorite tools and start coloring to your heart’s desire.

Doodle art coloring page by June Crawford | ClothPaperScissors.com
Doodle art coloring page by June Crawford

“[Within your reach is] a tool that can help you relax, wash away stress, and lose yourself–for at least a little while, if only you’ll let yourself go,” says editor Kristy Conlin. “Remember when you were a child and you got deeply, intensely focused on coloring in your coloring books? Well, that’s what we have here–a coloring book for adults. This coloring book is full of lovely Zen Doodle art. The premise behind the art form is that drawing simple, repetitive patterns can be calming, and it can also unlock creativity. Coloring in these inspiring, fun, and unique designs will surely help you relax and relieve stress. You’ll clear your mind, you’ll have fun, and you might even have a pretty piece of art to frame when you’re finished.”

She’s right. I downloaded and printed a bonus page from the book and sat down with a basic eight-count set of Sharpie markers for 20 minutes of peace and clarity. I know you’ll enjoy the process as well. Here’s how to color your own page and be entered to win some free mixed-media art supplies from yours truly:
1. Click here to download a free coloring page, featuring art by June Crawford.
2. Print the page.
3. Color with anything you please–markers, crayons, watercolor pencils, pastels, etc.
4. Take a picture of your colored page and upload it to our online gallery.

We’ll do the rest. A winner will be contacted by June 10. Get your copy of the Zen Doodle Coloring Book here for beautiful examples of doodle art that’s ready for you to add your colorful, unique rainbow to.

Happy coloring,

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