A Doodle December Snowflake Pattern

I hope you’ve been having a most wonderful holiday season!

Doodled snowflake pattern
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We’re now on week 4 of “Doodle December,” and it’s time to celebrate Tiffany Lovering’s new DVD, Tangle Love Workshop: Create Original Patterns, which I happily co-hosted. In Doodle December, each week we share with you a new handmade gift tag, and this week is no different.

When I was at the photo studio working on the tags (like the candles, Christmas tree, and ornaments featured in previous weeks), I encouraged one of our designers, Hannah Bailey, to create a gift tag of her own. She came up with a tangle-inspired snowflake that turned out so well I had to share it with you here.

Scroll down to see how Hannah made her tag and get the gears turning for your own creative designs!

Handmade gift tag ideas - Doodled Snowflake

1. Hannah used a Pigma Micron 05 pen to draw the snowflake on a white gift tag. She then used a black Sharpie to fill it in.

Holiday gift tag ideas - Doodled Snowflake

2. Next, she used a white Ranger pen to add doodle-inspired patterns within the snowflake (I love how Hannah created contrast with white on black—a delightfully unique combination for a snowflake). She also added some flair to the top and bottom of the gift tag and bottom with pretty doodle accents.

To create your own handmade gift tags, visit the Interweave store for the Micron pen set, a bundle of white, green, and red blank gift tags, and, of course, tangle guidance from Tiffany Lovering! In Tangle Love Workshop: Create Original Patterns, Tiffany shows you how to find patterns in everyday objects and turn them into doodles. Once you learn her technique, you won’t be able to stop—I even found myself taking a picture of a light fixture at a concert hall when its design caught my eye.

Stay tuned; we have one more exclusive gift tag to share with you next week as we wrap up Doodle December!

Happy holidays,


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