A Doodle December Snowman Idea

Alas, it’s here. The final week of Doodle December. This month I’ve shared a new hand-drawn gift tag each week, inspired by artists Tiffany Lovering’s and Kass Hall’s DVDs.

Doodled Snowman, final step
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I hope you’ve enjoyed the tags that I’ve shared to date! So far we’ve featured candles, a Christmas tree, ornaments, and a snowflake (click here to see them). For our final week, I’d like to introduce you to my little snowman and share the steps I took to go from a blank tag to a personalized expression for giving (get your tags here and use them all year long). The circles that make up a snowman lend themselves well to this project, offering plenty of space for doodling.

Zen doodle snowman idea, step 1

1. I used an oval template to draw the snowman’s body sections, being careful not to draw a black line that would visually separate the circles. I used a Pigma Micron 08 to draw in some circles around the snowman, and a Sharpie marker to color in the hat. I designated which circles would be reserved for the “To” and “From,” and drew the squares within the middle section of the body.

Handmade gift tag Snowman idea, step 2

2. Next, I outlined the snowman with the Sharpie and began to fill in the patterns. I added “x”s in the squares and filled the white spaces around the boxes with tiny circles using a Micron 01.

Zen doodle idea, Snowman gift tag, step 3

3. I outlined the circles outside the snowman to fill in the white space until I was happy with the balance.

Now it’s your turn. Borrow parts of my drawing, or come up with something completely different! Get these Micron pens and the blank gift tags in red, green, and white from the Interweave store today. Get Kass Hall’s Amazing Pages Art Journals DVD for added inspiration and some new techniques for your mixed-media art, including doodling, creating backgrounds and collages, and using a Gelli plate for printing.

May all your days be jolly,


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