A Full-Fledged Traveling Art Studio

While looking through the newest issue of Studios (Summer 2014), I couldn’t help but notice one thing that several of the articles have in common—at least three of the featured artists credit their mothers for their creativity. While I wasn't looking for that link, it is fitting, since Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

This issue of Studios has another theme threaded throughout: travel. Not just going on a vacation, mind you, but taking the studio on the road. It makes me itch for a road trip. 

While I’m taking my own annual “finding-myself” journey in just a couple of weeks, it will only last a few short days. That's time enough to fuel me for an entire year of day-to-day happenings that involve never-ending errands, chores, and whatnot. I can’t imagine what it would be like to create as freely as artists like Leoma Lovegrove, who’s featured in this Summer issue. Her gallery looks like an ideal destination itself! I knew I was in love when I saw Leoma's painted camper.

Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens is a whimsical reflection of Leoma herself. It serves as her international headquarters, artist studio, and island gift shop.

“My mobile studio is a 14-foot vintage camper from the 1960s,” Lovegrove says. “My husband and I originally bought it so that we could travel with our parrot, Solomon. Over the years, however, I found myself spending more and more time using it as an art retreat so that I could keep creating while I was on vacation. Eventually, it became a full-fledged traveling studio.

“In my mobile studio, I like to surround myself with things that inspire me, such as photos, letters, inspirational quotes, and—of course—good music. I have filled the walls with both completed and in-progress artwork, and wearable art hangs in the closet.”

Be still my heart! One of the beautiful things about magazines like Studios is that they connect us with others who share the same passions. It seems like every paragraph of this article pulled me closer to Lovegrove, as we have so many things in common (We may be kindred spirits!).

Where do you create art? Have you ever taken it with you on the road? Tell me about it!

Happy travels,


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