A Mixed-Media Artist Whose Life "Completely Collapsed"

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There are three things that I truly cannot get enough of: coffee, music, and books on creativity. I feed on these daily, and I’m the first to admit that if I go too long without any one of them, I get downright cranky. The coffee and music may seem obvious, but I can’t deny them. And the books are my lifeline to everything that makes me who I am. I have at least 18 books on creativity, all of which have my favorite passages underlined so I can return to the books any time and spot the parts that speak to me the loudest. Some of the points are so motivating that I’ll drink a cup of coffee at night just to stay awake longer to creatively express myself.

One of the books that has become part of my collection is Ordinary Sparkling Moments by mixed-media artist Christine Mason Miller. Part art journal, part autobiography, part inspiration, I feel my adrenaline pumping with excitement at what could be, with a little work. See what I mean in the following preview.

Mixed-media art & inspiration | Christine Mason Miller, ClothPaperScissors.com
Mixed-media art journal page
Mixed-media art & inspiration | Christine Mason Miller, ClothPaperScissors.com
Artwork by Christine Mason Miller (detail)

From Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Mason Miller

A little over two years [after realizing my dream was to be an artist and inspire the world to make their dreams real], I began the journey of being an artist, making dreams real and inspiring others to do the same. My goals were grand and my determination unstoppable; I forged ahead believing there was no reason why I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to do. The dream I unfurled that year was called Swirly.

Swirly began in 1995 in a 10×10 spare room in my apartment as a line of handmade greeting cards. Over the next six years, it grew to an internationally recognized brand with oodles of Swirly stationery and gift products. In one especially rewarding project, Swirly designs were even licensed to the Girl Scouts of America. With the arrival of spring in 2001, the business was booming and expanding in directions I imagined would reward me with point-of-purchase displays at Target and a guest spot on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Something else happened in the Spring of 2001: My personal life completely collapsed.

It is a long story, with episodes involving divorce, cancer, tumors, death, broken homes, multiple moves, anger, heartache, and loss. Tremendous loss. At one point I was laughing with a friend, positing the idea of taking the story I was currently living to a B-movie director whose films were only shown after midnight on cable TV and being rejected on the grounds that it was too melodramatic and outrageous to be believable.

There are some times in life when the only way to cope is through laughter. During that ridiculously heartbreaking year, I laughed a lot, and that laughter saved me. ~Christine

Christine goes on to explain how the changes in her life affected her art, and Ordinary Sparkling Moments takes you along on her journey. As you read the book, you’ll feel as through a friend is talking to you. We can easily relate to Christine’s raw humanity. In addition to her inspiring messages, you’ll be inspired by her beautiful mixed-media art. Handwritten sentiments and a variety of creative text elements collaged with symbols and images carry you through the pages.

Remember that you can get your copy of this mixed-media (and life!) motivation for 50% off today, along with many more titles. I encourage you to stock up: one copy for you, and one for a friend. Because after all, we can all use a little extra inspiration.

Stay creative,

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