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Learning specific techniques is high on the list of ways to improve your art, but instruction doesn't need to be your exclusive avenue. Jenn Mason, co-host of Mixed-Media Workshop TV, lets you in on a little secret in this special blog post. She advises that you take your knowledge of composition, color schemes, and materials, and experiments to test what’s working—and what’s not—to, you guessed it, make better art.

A friendly warning: eat a light snack before you read her analogy on working in a series…

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Jenn Mason, co-host of Mixed-Media Workshop TV

Working in a Series (How I Started Working Smarter) by Jenn Mason

No matter what you make, or how you make it . . . you can improve by working in a series. Consider the chocolate chip cookie (oh drats, now I’m hungry!). Say you’re on a quest to make your perfect version of it. Perhaps you like it crunchy just around the edges but soft in the center. Maybe chopping your own chocolate is the ticket . . . or maybe you prefer fancy dark chocolate chips. You’ll need to experiment and make a few batches to get the recipe just so. You might even do some research—how does baking soda affect a chewy cookie?

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See where I’m going here? Imagine how working in a series can be just as effective if you’re:
· Perfecting a new image transfer technique
· Working on handmade cards
· Upcycling found objects
· Stitching softies
· Dabbling in collage

This is exactly why Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I carved out time during our Mixed-Media Workshop taping to record all this useful information about how to make “Working in a Series” work for you. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk—or should I say paint the paint and stitch the stitch?

Still not convinced? Still think this “working in a series” stuff is for rookies? Well . . . have you ever been working on a collage or a painting or a monoprint and thought, “what would happen if I did this? What if I don’t like it? What if I love it? Or what if I did this and this?” Have you ever been immobilized by the possibilities? If so, I think it’s time you spend a little time with Julie and me. We love hanging out with other creative geniuses like you. We’ve put together a great video that will help you in so many ways. Whether you like to play in art journals or create giant assemblages for gallery shows—Working in a Series will help you make fantastic art using all the talent you already bring to the table.

And because Julie and I always like to kick things off at The Mixed-Media Workshop (showing weekly on craftdaily.com) with a quick tip, here’s one to get you started on working in a series.

Keep a record: Next time you get stuck on a piece of art or other creation, make a record of it. A little notebook is a great tool to keep next to you in your workspace. If you tried something new, write it down. If you were afraid to try something new, jot down the reason for your hesitation. Every once in a while, go back to your notebook and take a look. Do you notice any trends? Can you try something based on something you were afraid to try before?

We hope you’ll check out this video and, when you do, post pictures of your new series and remember to hashtag your photos #WorkinginaSeries.




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