A Sneak Peek of Coming Mixed-Media Attractions

cate pratoI just recently started using those $1 DVD rental machines and I am hooked. I haven’t been so caught up on my movie watching in a long time. I was particularly charmed by “How to Train Your Dragon,” in which the protagonist is a sensitive type who draws–a problem for his strapping Viking dad.

I do miss the big-screen movie experience though. The darkened room. The communal experience. I even miss the previews of coming attractions. I always like to have a clue about what’s coming down the pike, media-wise. A little anticipation of things to come.

story flowers swiftI do get a preview of coming attractions for Cloth Paper Scissors, as editors Jenn Mason and Barbara Delaney work on either side of me. It’s tantalizing, really, to see the new pieces of art come through and hear the names of the artists and their techniques discussed.

I thought I might give you a sneak peek into the upcoming issues of Cloth Paper Scissors, from my vantage point. So, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and turn off your cell phones, please.

Coming to a mailbox or newsstand near you in spring: Color! Flowers! Wire! Glass! Colorful flowers made with wire and also with glass! Plus an art exhibit showcasing mixed-media mannequins. The May/June issue will be a veritable garden full of art and techniques, promises Jenn. Something we could all use after this very long winter, right?

leaf printsThis summer, there will be a new issue in town, and it’s all fabric, all the time. Almost. Fabric books, fabric cuffs, fabric journal pages-there’s even a technique for making fabric without fiber (hint: you use plastic). Do you like to create with fabric? Would you like to give it a try? Then this is the issue you have been waiting for.

September/October brings you the not-so-back-to-basics issue. Mosaics like you’ve never seen before, reduction stamp carving, extreme paper making, cyanotype prints from old family negatives. In other words, if you think you’ve been there and done that, you probably haven’t. It may be back-to-school time, but these techniques aren’t kid stuff. (They are fun, though.)

Well, there you have it, the line-up for the next few issues of Cloth Paper Scissors. You won’t want to miss them, so if you don’t subscribe, now’s the perfect time to start.

Now I’m off to watch more videos. Do you have a favorite art-related film? “Frida,” “Pollack,” “I Shot Andy Warhol”? Or maybe something less obvious, like “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” for the way they art up those jeans round-robin style? Share a sneak peek of your favorite art-related movies below.




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