Acrylic Painting Technique for Mixed-Media Art: Pours and Drips

If you love the different abstract looks you can create with acrylic paint, you’ll love today’s blog post. In this excerpt from Surface Treatment Workshop: 45 Mixed-Media Techniques, Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson share two simple acrylic paint pouring techniques.

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Acrylic painting technique

Acrylic Painting Technique for Mixed-Media Art from Surface Treatment Workshop

Acrylic pours and drips can be used in many different ways: Pours can be cut into shapes and used as collage elements; you can mix different mediums to get runs and drips; and you can create marbled effects with pours.

1. Choose your surface and colors. Using the palette knife, mix one fluid acrylic paint color (we chose blue) with Golden Artist Colors GAC 800 in a small container. Clean the palette knife and mix another fluid acrylic paint (we chose white) with Liquitex Pouring Medium in different container.

2. Drip or pour a small amount of each mixture at the top of the surface. Hold the surface over a disposable plate or container, and tilt and move it to get the paint to flow. You may also spritz on water to increase the flow. Let it dry.

3. Pour Liquitex Pouring Medium into the plastic lid–enough to cover the bottom. While the pouring medium is still wet, drop the desired colors of fluid acrylic paints in separate drops. Take a toothpick and swirl the colors. Allow the pouring medium to dry (this could take several days, depending on the thickness). It will be clear, not cloudy, when dry.

4. Pop the pour out of the lid. You can cut the pour into shapes using scissors.

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