An Art Studio Solution That Floored Me

Problem: You want a studio floor that you don't have to worry about ruining, but one that also has some style. And costs next to nothing.

Solution: Paint a beautiful rug.

art studio painted rug
A peek at Thespoena's painted "rug,"
as featured in Studios, Spring 2012.

This was Thespoena McLaughlin's answer to her DIY studio dilemma. Thespoena had already found creative ways to reuse free and inexpensive materials to create her art studio.

"My husband and I both work for a sign company, where pallets and excess materials are thrown away daily. We gathered those discarded materials and took them home. And so a studio began to take shape: The floor and two walls are made from used 4' x 8' shipping pallets. The wall material is discarded real estate signs.

"We picked up truckloads of insulation from a church that was remodeling. I purchased two new windows at a yard sale for five dollars. The track lighting came from a friend's garage. The only materials we purchased new were the roofing materials, electrical items, and the door."

When it was time to finish the floor, Thespoena had not run out of creative ideas. She transformed the basic plywood into a faux rug with an old lace tablecloth and a can of white spray paint.

Here's how she did it:

Painting a Rug

1. Sand, prime, and paint the floor with exterior porch and floor paint.

2. Apply a light coat of spray adhesive to the back of an old lace tablecloth and place it (glue-side down) on the floor where you want the "carpet."

3. Spray over the tablecloth with the can of paint and allow the paint to dry.

painted lace studio rug
The finished painted lace rug.

4. Remove the tablecloth and brush the surface with wood stain, wiping off the excess as you go. Allow the stain to dry. (The stain will provide an aged look.)

5. Apply a coat of polyurethane.

That's it!

This is a project I definitely want to try. But if this art studio floor idea is not your cup of tea, don't worry. The Spring 2012 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios shows many different ways to create a unique and functional floor, as well as more than 20 amazing studios that will inspire you.

P.S. What's on your studio floor? Why is that the right choice for you? Leave your comment below.




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