An Artist Enamel Pin Just for Mixed Media

If you’d like to tell the world that you’re a proud mixed-media artist—without showing up everywhere with color-stained hands—now there’s a fun way to do that. We finally have our own artist enamel pin that proclaims to the world our love of paint, paper, markers, and everything else. Wear this Mixed-Media Art Lover Enamel Pin with joy, earned by creating art journal pages, collages, handmade books, and gel-plate prints. Because we are creative, we are strong, we’ve got lots of art supplies, and we’re not afraid to use them.

Wear your passion proudly with this artist enamel pin made just for you, the mixed-media artist!

This artist enamel pin was created just for us, with the idea that we love to share our enthusiasm for what we do. I’ve been wearing mine everywhere, and it’s become a great conversation starter. The question “Are you an artist?” is just the opening I need to tell people about mixed-media art, Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and website, and the incredible creative opportunities available to them.

Having more than one pin means you can add them to tote bags, clothing, and aprons.

Often I discover that someone has done art in the past, but they’ve put it on a back burner. Or that they’ve been curious about trying collage, art journaling, or mixed-media painting, but don’t know how to get started. This is the perfect opportunity to spread the gospel of creativity, to let people know that it’s never too late to grab a few supplies and make something, and that that can lead to so much more. On many occasions I also meet fellow artists, and we have a great time sharing stories, information, and our love of making art.

An artist enamel pin is the perfect conversation starter. Who knows who you might meet?

Let’s face it—sometimes making connections in the real world can be challenging. This artist enamel pin, with its fun, vivid colors and iconic art supplies, subtly broadcasts to the world what you’re passionate about. No bullhorn needed. A few fun facts about this pin: it measures 1″ wide, and is made from durable iron. There’s a black rubber clutch on the back that holds the pin super securely. I have a couple; one to wear, and one to keep on my art supply tote. These make great gifts, too! Attach one to a handmade card or tag, and let your fellow artists know how much you appreciate them. Place one on your artist apron and wear it to your next workshop. All we need now is a secret handshake, and we’re truly ready to take on the world.

Intrigued by mixed-media jewelry? This tutorial will show you how to make an elegant necklace out of shrink plastic!




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