An Entire World of Possibilities in Mixed-Media Art

As 2015 comes rolling to its end, it’s natural that we begin to look back at what we’ve accomplished and ahead to the possibilities awaiting us in 2016. You have a journey that has brought you to this moment and, specifically, to this community where we celebrate mixed-media art. What was 2015 like for you? Did you take the time to make the art that drives your creativity? What new techniques did you learn and begin incorporating into your mixed-media art?

Katherine Pippin Pauley, whose acrylic collage, The Journey, is included in Incite 3, The Best of Mixed-Media: The Art of Storytelling, tells us about this symbolic piece.

Mixed-media art by Katherine Pippin Pauley |
The Journey (acrylic with torn book page collage on canvas, 24×36)
by Katherine Pippin Pauley

“[Federico] Fellini said, ‘All art is autobiographical,’ which I realized as I worked on this piece,” Katherine says. “I painted my childhood tricycle, rusty and abandoned, at the base of a large tree. It is winter and the path is hidden; I’m not sure where it will lead. Retirement from teaching empowered me to recreate my life as an artist. I’m on the path and there is an entire world of possibilities for my life and my creations.”

Detail of "The Journey" by Katherine Pippin Pauley |
Detail of ‘The Journey’

As with each featured mixed-media art piece in Incite 3, Katherine explains how she created The Journey: “The bark on the trees is made from torn book pages that had been painted with transparent watercolors. Letters and words are visible when you look closely (See detail, right). Shadows were added with stamp pad ink.”

I’m so happy for Katherine, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for this artist . . . and for you.

Share what plans you have for your journey–short or long term–in the comments section below. Perhaps there’s a workshop you plan on attending in 2016, or a new technique you’d like to try. Whatever your goals, remember that they’re attainable with practice, patience, and determination, and there’s an entire community here to support you along the way.

Wishing you a happy holiday,

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