Announcing the finalists of the Nature Collage Reader Challenge

We are happy to announce the finalists in our Nature Collage Reader Challenge. We appreciate all the artists who sent in entries!

Artwork by Cindy Fort
Artwork by Cindy Fort

Congratulations to the following artists:

LeAnne Roberts • Bend, OR

Diane C. Evans • Marietta, GA

Kristin Peterson • Luverne, MN

Rebecca DeGroodt • Raleigh, NC

Beth Atkinson • “From the Mountains to the Ocean”

Pamela Vosseller • Florence, OR

Judy Arbuckle • Grayland, WA

Cindy Fort • Fort Worth, TX

Candy Tutt • Woodland, CA

Cheryl Lennox • Erie, IL

Yvan Strong • Gresham, OR

Renee Suich • Russellville, TN

Cheryl Kay • Lynden, WA

Please send your artwork to us by May 27, 2016 for consideration for publication. Due to a scheduling conflict, please note that the due date for the artwork has changed. We apologize for any inconvenience.



One thought on “Announcing the finalists of the Nature Collage Reader Challenge

  1. I have to say I am frustrated with the Nature Collage layout. Each page devotes about 25% space to the collages, and the rest is cluttered with plastic pumpkins and fake leaves. I know my collage contains fine detail work which the readers would find interesting, and all the other pieces no doubt do as well. With the reduced size of the pieces, details are lost. While it is gratifying to have craft work chosen for publication, when it is dwarfed by other elements on the page it becomes a disappointment.


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