Announcing the Jaw-Dropping Journal Pages Reader Challenge Finalists

Art by Sharyle Doherty

We are happy to announce the finalists for our Jaw-Dropping Journal Pages reader challenge. Thank you to all who participated in the challenge, and congratulations to the finalists.

Finalists, please send your artwork to us by September 22, 2018.

F+W Media, Inc.
ATT: Jaw-Dropping Journal Pages
2 Mill and Main Place
Suite 610
Maynard, MA 01754

1. Sherri Smith-Lehrman • Farmington, NM
2. Elaine Sinton • Albuquerque, NM
3. Trish Reinhart • Marietta, GA
4. Emily DeLano • Aloha, OR
5. Sharylr Doherty • Davie, FL
6. Amanda Kuykendall • Hartsville, SC
7. Martha Slavin • Danville, CA

Please remember to include your S & H fee with your art.

Thank you very much.


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