Announcing the Pass On Your Passion Winners

I was inspired by all the ways you are passing on your passion for art with others, young and old, friends and strangers. So, without further ado, here are the winners!

pass on your passionWinner of The Cloth Paper Scissors Book and Encaustic Studio

vintage k, who wrote:

My dear friend Michelle and I have been meeting once a month to explore new art techniques together, and it's been so much fun! We are braver together, and have been trying out things like bookbinding, encaustic and beeswax collage, and art journaling that we might not attempt on our own. Today, I'm headed to her house for beading and next time she'll come to my home to make some handmade paper. Collaborating with a friend has proved to be even more rewarding than I expected!

Winner #1 of goodies from my studio plus a copy of Inside the Creative Studio:

jovw who wrote:

Doing art with cancer patient's while they receive their chemo has given me multiple opportunities to introduce folks to the joy of creativity. Thy experience first hand how art can take you away from your troubles and give you something else to think about; to get excited about. I tell them it's like giving your body a mini-vacation.

Winner #2 of goodies from my studio plus a copy of Inside the Creative Studio:

Perry@5 whose comment brought me to tears with her story of passing on the greatest gift of all:

Today I read the post about putting your name on a dress. I have been wanting to use a small pink dress gleaned from a flea market.  It was to have been my daughter's dress; she passed at 6 days of age.  Her heart is now the heart of a 12 year old boy in Detroit. I have had the pink dress for 10 years and TODAY you have given me the courage and the spark to take it out and make a collage.THANK YOU.

Winners, send your addresses to me at

And thank YOU to all who posted and to all who pass on their passion for art and craft, bringing joy, love, and healing to yourself and others.

 P.S. The celebration isn't over! You can still download free eBooks on mixed-media, collage, fine art, needlework, quilting, beading, and more from Interweave.




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