Are You Ready to CREATE?

Headshot We are counting the days here at Cloth Paper Scissors Headquarters. We can’t wait to CREATE with you. August 25th-29th, is right around the corner and we’re pulling out all the stops for our first-ever art retreat, and setting the mixed-media world on fire with amazing instructors, a fabulous location (Rosemont, IL), and YOU!

It’s like (insert your favorite holiday), your birthday, and the American Idol finals all rolled into one. The classes we’ve got lined up are so exciting (and filling up fast!), so make sure to register soon to get your first (and second and third) choice.

With 60 workshops, you are sure to find some you can’t resist. Here’s a quick look at three of the wonderful workshops being offered!

Books Within a Book Jewelry Making Techniques & Tips
for Beginners
Freezer Paper,
Paint, Oh My!
Linda Blinn Jane Salley Melanie Testa
I know the chatter about book making has been going wild on our Facebook page—Linda’s class is a great option for those who want a packed class with great book making ideas. Know your mixed media but want to make it wearable? You’re in good hands with expert jewelry artist Jane Salley. You’ll never use freezer paper in your freezer again—it will never leave your studio after you learn Melanie’s fabulous techniques.

Already registered but looking for someway to fill the days until you can reasonably start packing up your art supplies? Why not participate in our CREATE Flag Challenge? We’re looking for everyone to join in the fun and participate in CREATE by creating a flag for the retreat. We will hang all the flags at CREATE (and other Cloth Paper Scissor events!) There is no fee to participate in this challenge. You just have to CREATE and mail it to us!

For more information on our flag challenge and to download the template, go to the Cloth Paper Scissors Community.

Don’t know where to start?

Jenn’s Top 5 Fantastical Flag Fancifing Ideas:

1. Zentangle® it!

2. Make a mosaic collage portrait of your favorite furry friend.

3. Glitter. Enough said.

4. Image tranfers gone wild.

5. S.O.S. (Sew Old Scraps!)

Take a look at the following flags from these CREATE-ive souls! We have more arriving every day!

Flags by Penny Holm, Jamie Speck, and Mrs. Franklin’s 1st grade class.
Flags by Glenda Miles, Karen Pines, and Lynne Redmond.


Flags by Jane LaFazio, Pamela Renfro, and Candace Jedrowicz.

We can’t wait to add your creation to this small sampling of wonderful flags we’ve already received. Time’s a wasting! We must receive your fabulous flag by June 30th so that we can string them together and pack them up for CREATE 2010!

Oh, and if you have a moment before you ship off your flag, take a photo and upload it here!

See you in August!





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