Are you Really mixing your media?


Mixed-media shadow box
by Valori Wells


HeadshotMy challenge for you to consider today is this: You say you create mixed-media art, but what media are you mixing?

Have you gotten in a rust rut (if it has rust it makes the cut). Are you using the same paints, in the same color palette?

I was just watching the new Quilting Arts TV Series 700 (episode 711 to be exact) and I was blown away by the project demonstrated by Valori Wells. Take a look at the media that Valori chooses to mix, you may be inspired to add to your own list!

image Fabric and Knitting

Who would have thought that you could mix two such historied mediums. Valori also suggests that you could also use felt, an old sweater, or even quilted appliqués if you don’t knit.
image Stitching and Beads

Have you worked any fabric into your mixed-media work. For many, the simple addition of thread as a medium can be transformative. And while you have the thread out, why not stitch on some beads?

image Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Valori doesn’t stop at cloth. She zooms right over to doodling on rocks as well. Using Mother Nature as your alteration inspiration is another great way to change up your media. You could also try painting resin on tiny branches, or printing with leaves.

image Mix it all up!

Valori brings all the elements together by using organic shapes, a cohesive color palette and a good sense of composition, scale, and focal point.

What other media have you considered using in your art? Last night I took a free seminar on mold making at the local arts school. I’ve also tried glass blowing and even blacksmithing. Yes, I’m still attracted to rusty items, but I find my work continues to grow and excite me if I am open to trying new media.

Let us know what unusual media you’ve used here in the comments section, and come back and check to see what others use. It may just inspire your next piece.

Happy Mixing!



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