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over calendar by
Mary Beth Volpini

It is always exciting to see all of the entries for our calendar challenges. It’s amazing to see the variety of materials the artists use, the different interpretations of our theme, the colors… “meeting” new artists and seeing new art from old friends. It really is great fun. 

How many times have you thought about entering a challenge and then let the due date pass without having followed through with that plan? What kept you from entering? And why is that?

I decided to ask the artists whose work appears in the Cloth Paper Scissors 2011 calendar to give me some advice to pass on to our readers that might entice them to taking part in the 2012 calendar challenge. My hope is that you will  read and heed their advice, jump on the band wagon, and challenge yourself in a new way to make art and share it with us.

September calendar by
Lisa Thorpe

“When I heard the 2011 prompt ‘Make it Pretty’ at first I was turned off by the idea of ‘pretty,’  but as I let it sink in a bit and looked at the challenge from different angles—not necessarily the most obvious—I came up with the idea of creating my piece from a spin on pretty, ‘pretty is as pretty does.’ That was the hook I needed to come up with something that interested me. So my advice is to take the ‘On the Street Where You Live’ prompt and turn it around and upside down to come up with the hook for you. If it makes you laugh or think or wonder, it will probably affect others that way, too. ~ Lisa Thorpe
January calendar by Cindy Armstrong  

“When I was deciding on my design for the 2011 calendar challenge, I wanted something that would not only be visually appealing, but one that would be an accessible subject that I hoped would speak to a lot of different people. I was also concerned about working within the challenge guidelines as to size, etc., while still getting the results I was after. I think the most important thing that I learned from the challenge was to set my parameters and then work freely within them. I'm looking forward to the next challenge!” ~ Cindy Armstrong


First timer
October calendar by
Jan Jackola

“The calendar was the first challenge I ever entered. I sat down with my sketchbook and thought about how I could interpret the phrase. I made lists. I also tried to create something that would be appropriate for some of the not-so-obvious months. I figured December and February and the spring months would have lots of entries.”  ~Jan Jackola


Give it a go
December calendar by Candyce Martens  

“My thoughts on the subject of submitting are simply this. Originality of subject, design, and composition is key to getting your work noticed. Add to that the unexpected, a little humor or a message from your heart of hearts, and you stand a very good chance of seeing your work in print.” ~ Candyce Martens

In a nut shell 
100503 Calendar_Pierson  
June calendar by Leilani Pierson  

“What do you have to lose?!  Make it fun. Do what you love. Pull it from your heart. Do not stress over it and see what happens.” ~ Leilani Pierson


Feeling inspired? More courageous? Willing to give it your all?  “On the Street Where You Live” is a great place to start. Show us what it means to you, what you’re proud of, what makes it special.

I hope you will hear what these artists are saying and then give us a peek into your artistic world. Just imagine how it would feel to have your art travel the world on the pages of the 2012 Cloth Paper Scissors calendar.

Have fun!


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