Art Studio Inspiration: Get a Glimpse of This Repurposed Space

The Spring 2014 issue of Studios is hot off the presses, and it couldn’t be coming out at a better time for me. Just this month I’ve packed up my family and moved to a new home. Each room is a blank canvas for our own decorating ideas, and I’m subliminally convincing my husband to turn the finished part of the basement into a library/art studio that I can use as a quiet space to read, write, and create.

"Whitewashed pine boards create a bright, open feeling in the room,"
says Strom. "Two ceiling fans keep the air circulating during both
the summer and winter months." Photo by Mary Ellen Stadtlander

But even if you’re not in the process of moving into a new home, the spring season alone is enough to provide inspiration. I’m a firm believer that we need “a room of our own,” be it a complete, stand-alone art studio, or a roped-off corner somewhere in your living space. If you haven’t created even a humble art studio for yourself yet, my advice is to take a fresh look at the space you have and how you’re using it. Options include a basement, attic, or garage; and of course even part of your living room, kitchen, or a bedroom that’s open for the taking.

The theme of Studios (Spring 2014) is repurposing–from spaces to furniture, and you’ll find plenty of ideas for your little haven. For example, Interweave Editorial Director Karin Strom has converted a 19th-century wagonhouse into a studio for working and crafting. In her Studios feature article, she tells you how she uses repurposed furniture to keep the space cozy and organized, and offers insight on her creative process. “I surround myself with beauty, so I have a lot of visual inspiration both inside and outside of my home,” says Strom. “Magazines, books, Pinterest, and even TV and movies serve as sources of inspiration. Before I work on any project, I spend time just looking around and thinking about it. Sometimes that feels passive, and I get frustrated because the project isn’t actually getting done. But in reality, it’s percolating. And when the time is right, the project gets done.”

Learn more about the spring issue of Studios here, and tell me about your own creative space!

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