Art Studio Uses for an Extra Door

found objects for art studio
Objects found hidden inside our
kitchen wall.

cate pratoOur DIY kitchen expansion has so far yielded many treasures. A cache of small toys like Lincoln logs, marbles, and rubber babies; teal and yellow linoleum tiles from the 1959 redo; a tiny, perfectly preserved and complete skeleton of a mouse; and an extra door.

The toys and linoleum I plan to save for art endeavors. The rodent remains went directly out of the house to our daughter's biology teacher, who was thrilled (so was our daughter).

The fate of the six-panel door hasn't been decided yet, but I have many ideas. An extra door is like an extra man at a Victorian hostess's table: always welcome.

Why, in your art studio alone, there are many possibilities for repurposing.

A worktable: Place the door on top of two sawhorses or file cabinets. If the door has panels, top of off with a piece of plexiglass.

A pressing table: Same as above, but cover one side of the door first with batting and then wrap it in muslin stapled to the sides.

art studio worktable
A door on legs or sawhorses makes
a great art studio worktable.

An inspiration board: Tack ribbon over the panels in a crisscross pattern to make a bulletin board that holds cards, papers, and swatches for inspiration.

A design board: Cover the door with flannel stapled to the sides. The flannel will hold up pieces of fabric to help you audition their arrangement in your art.

A barrier: Hang that extra door in an otherwise open entry to your studio. Close it when you're inside for solitude and when you're outside, close it to hide the mess!

Of course, these new uses for a door are just the beginning. There are hundreds of ways to repurpose architectural elements and furniture for your art studio, and I have included scores of examples from artists in my new book, Inside the Creative Studio: Inspiration and Ideas for Your Art and Craft Space, now available for pre-order.

I'm confident we'll find a spot for our displaced door. I'm just glad the mouse skeleton didn't get repurposed in my house!

P.S. How would you repurpose a door in your studio? Share your ideas below.


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