Assemblage Mini-Demo: How to Add Depth to Chipboard

All week we’ve been celebrating the variety of mixed-media art techniques that Jen Cushman has to offer, and today we go out with a bang as Jen gives you a mini-lesson on painting chipboard so that it sings with color.

Mini-Demo: How to Add Depth to Chipboard

Discover how to incorporate chipboard as part of a wall art project in Jen’s new DVD, Clay Heart with Wing Assemblage. Follow along in the comfort of your home and create a house-shaped assemblage with foam core, collage, a clay heart, and a glitter-filled resin bezel. ~Cherie

Mini-Demo: How to Add Depth to Chipboard by Jen Cushman

I’ve been a collector and maker of heart art for a long time. The shape is so much a part of my visual language that every time I see a heart or use one, I know it’s symbolic of happy juju. Even if I don’t use the shape in my work, I trace a heart with my fingers onto every piece of art I make before I send it out into the world. It’s my private little five-second ritual.

When it came time to create a piece of art for a new DVD workshop, there was no doubt I would pitch the idea of a heart assemblage. There are so many different techniques in the resulting Clay Heart with Wing Assemblage! Although I filmed four workshops in a week, most of the supplies I brought with me were for this project: clay, wire, ICE Resin®, a bezel, text, chipboard, an old key, beads, vintage sheet music, stamps, ink, and more.

Here’s a little peek at how I like to add depth to chipboard. The secret here is using enough different products to build up layers of color.

Art Supplies:

• Chipboard Shapes (I’m loving this artist-based company called UmWowStudio.)
• Liquitex Acrylic Ink in Iridescent Rich Copper
• StazOn ink in Valentine Red
• Makeup Sponge
• Gilders Paste in Inca Gold and Patina
Chipboard Project Directions:

1. Choose a chipboard shape to work on. Apply Iridescent Rich Copper to the chipboard shape with the ink dropper, and then spread the color to the edges with a paintbrush. Let dry.

2. Using a direct-to-paper technique, ink the edges of the painted chipboard shape with StazOn Valentine Red.

3. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply Inca Gold Gilders Paste to the chipboard.

4. Add a dash of blue-green to the edges with Patina Gilders Paste to mimic age.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. I’m thrilled about my new DVD, Clay Heart with Wing Assemblage, and I hope these techniques get your creative juices flowing as much as they did mine. ~Jen



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